Haters, Beware! Erika Girardi Is Having None of Your Criticism

Haters, Beware! Erika Girardi Is Having None of Your Criticism

Here's how the #RHOBH singer handles her naysayers.

By Laura Rosenfeld

When you spend your days as an over-the-top, scantily clad seductress, you're bound to encounter some criticism. So it's no surprise that Erika Girardi has found a way to cope with the haters who just can't handle her musical alter ego Erika Jayne. "All artists, no matter who they are, have always come into contact with criticism. No one's gonna like what you do 100 percent of the time," Erika said during a recent interview with Fox News Magazine. 

That sentiment was put to the test when Bethenny Frankel had some opinions on Erika's music video for "PAINKILLR" earlier this season of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. "So I was listening [to Frankel], but at the end of the day, I have to do what I feel is right," Erika said. 

She still takes Bethenny's comments in stride. "And I stand behind my work," she added. "I think it's great." 

Perhaps it helps that Erika Jayne is someone completely separate from who the real Erika Girardi is. "There are two different sides of my personality, much like everyone has two different sides of their personality," Erika explained. "I mean, it's a profession... It's something that I do. And I'm not Erika Jayne 24 hours a day." 

And we all know that being Erika Jayne is hard work.

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