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Escape from Scary Island

Jill’s Surprise Backfires, Sonja’s Dress Lights Fires

All was calm in Housewives land after Kelly made her midnight escape from Scary Island. As the remaining wives enjoyed massages and mani-pedis @SaviPearl gushed "These girls are getting along. Once you remove Kelly, it's easy!" Yes, it seemed nothing could kill the mood. Nothing, that is, except Jill.

And when she showed up unannounced, Talk Bubblers took off their gloves and started throwing punches. Take Twitter user @xopinkmoonxo, who jumped on @Jillzarin for expecting a warm welcome: "You crashed Ramona's party, UN-invited, and expected everyone to jump up and fuss over you? Rather unrealistic." @FemmeRationale wasn't having it either when she tweeted "Boo hoo you had to reroute your private is so hard." Zoinks!

But not everyone was so hard on Jill. @KrizGee gave @BravoAndy 140 characters of her mind. "Jill did not crash!" she said. "Alex is a crybaby and fake. Ramona should have never invited her if she didn't want her." Aida Cooban Carboni agreed "Seriously? Jill showing up makes Alex have a breakdown?...Alex is sooo dramatic this season, I find HER exhausting."

In the end, Ramona banished Jill from the house and into the waiting arms of her husband Bobby, who may have been the hit of the Talk Bubble. @BrutalQnA summed it up best with "Bobby is so down to earth. Too bad he can't reign in @jillzarin!" To be fair, no one could rein in our favorite redhead and @jillzarin didn't disappoint when she tweeted "I could never describe what it felt like. Ramona did not even offer us a glass of water or bathroom."

The evening and the trip ended on a positive note as the girls enjoyed one last dinner together. @DamianTVGuideMg did the math "sonja + bethenny + alex + ramona = sane dinner. LOVE it"

After that it was back to the Big Apple which can only mean one thing for these gals — more parties. But the talk of this soiree was Sonja's wardrobe malfunction. @kkhuate3264 thought Sonja's self-deprecating "This dress is really well trained" was the "line of the season! Happens to mine all the time..." Bet someone got more followers tonight!

As Sonja's party neared its conclusion, @DamianTVGuideMg wondered "who the hell has an opera singer at their art party? Sonja, you hot mess."   

If that wasn't weird enough for you, then it was on to Jill Zarin's shindig where @sunshine_breath posed the question on every Talk Bubblers tongue to @jillzarin, "What was this "party" about? So odd to set yourself up to skate as the "star". Lol!"

@kikilet, who kept a low-profile this week, tweeted a good night to the Talk Bubble. "I am so glad you all had a blast with tonight’s episode of #RHNYC. Bravo knows drama. xoxoxooxoo sweet dreams tweeterpants."

But not everyone was ready for bed just yet, like @RealOldHouswife who lamented "What? Next week is #RHONYC finale? I'm having an anxiety attack! What will I do without my weekly NY girls?"

Good question. What will we all do?


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