Find Out Joseph Gordon-Levitt's Gig at Bravo (Sort Of)

Find Out Joseph Gordon-Levitt's Gig at Bravo (Sort Of)

The actor will make a cameo on "The Mindy Project" next season.

By Jocelyn Vena

Dream(boats) really do come true. Joseph Gordon-Levitt will make his The Mindy Project debut later this year in a role we here at Bravo can be proud of. According to Buzzfeed, JGL will appear in the show's season-four premiere as a Bravo executive married to Mindy Kaling's OBGYN small-screen persona.

For those worried that Mindy and her baby daddy, Danny, have parted ways, fear not. The episode will pay homage to Gwyneth Paltrow's 1998 rom-com Sliding Doors, where the plot takes place in an alternate universe. According to the report, JGL's Bravo exec will be the main man in this other version of Mindy's life where she's his, um, real housewife. He'll also reportedly be "suave," a trait we have no doubt he can exude. A date hasn't been set for the episode, which will also mark the sitcom's debut on Hulu.

Until the episode premieres, you can re-live Mindy's Watch What Happens Live appearance below.

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