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The Daily Dish Secrets and Wives

First Look at Bravo's New Show 'Secrets and Wives'

Go inside the affluent world of six Long Island women starting June 2.

What's it like to go inside the lives of six affluent, longtime girlfriends who live on Long Island? You're about to find out.

Bravo is thrilled to announce our newest docu-series Secrets and Wives will premiere Tuesday, June 2 at 10p ET/PT. But we've got a first look at the show now.

Navigating the pitfalls of marriage and divorce, these six women—Andi Black, Susan Doneson, Cori Goldfarb, Gail Greenberg, Amy Miller and Liza Sandler—are all going through the process of reinventing themselves under the microscope of family, friends and exes. Throughout the season, this sisterhood of friends will come together and take on some of life’s biggest challenges. From second or third divorces, new marriages, searching for love, and adjusting to an empty nest, every conflict is fraught with decades of real baggage. Years of memories are amongst this intertwined group of women, but can they come together for the moments that truly matter most? Take a look:

Enter the World of 'Secrets and Wives'

So who are the stars of our new show? Get to know a little bit more about them below.

Andi Black
Andi Black, a former back-up singer for Jay and the Americans, married the lead singer at the young age of 18-years-old and since then has been married and divorced a total of three times. While her boyfriend Adam closes on a house for the two of them, Andi moves in with her best friend Liza to get her last bit of “girl time” before both of their lives change. Known as the life of the party, Andi is not afraid to bring up the taboo topics that are sometimes off limits for the group. Her life experiences have opened her eyes to the hard truths of love, so she often finds herself attempting to fix others’ relationships, even though it occasionally backfires. Through it all, Andi is incredibly loyal and is willing to stick her neck out for the ladies in the group as many of them are currently going through major life transitions.

Susan Doneson
One of the last ladies in the group to be married, Susan Doneson tied the knot to a wealthy bachelor at thirty, but after having two children together ended up divorcing him when she realized he wasn’t the prince charming she always dreamed of. The man she truly fell in love with was her high school crush Jonathan, but by the time they reconnected he was on his way to prison on a two-year stint for securities fraud. They dated throughout his incarceration and upon his release Susan became pregnant with their now five-year-old son, Ian. While some of Susan’s friends look down on her and claim she doesn’t fit in, she is the only lady in the group with a long-standing career and prides herself on being a focused business woman who provides for her family. Susan’s opinions are sometimes misconstrued, but she genuinely pushes her friends to better themselves out of love, and is truly looking for acceptance within the group and Long Island social scene.

Cori Goldfarb
Friends with everyone in this tight-knit Long Island group, Cori Goldfarb is still married to her first husband Sandy, and together they have four daughters all embarking on young adulthood. After Cori’s husband lost his job on Wall Street, the couple opened a high-end spa where Cori took on the role of co-owner. This professional venture has put a significant strain on her marriage as Sandy has invested a great deal in the company and sold their Hampton’s house to fund the project. Now Cori struggles to work side-by-side with him. If balancing her family, newfound business and social calendar weren’t enough, Cori discovers suspicious texts on Sandy’s phone that could threaten their relationship. Now more than ever she will lean on her childhood friends for support during these difficult times.

Gail Greenberg
Focused on living life to the fullest, Gail Greenberg is married to one of the top plastic surgeons in New York and is committed to keeping their love alive after having experienced one unsuccessful marriage. Fearful of drifting apart in a relationship again, Gail is concerned that she doesn’t fit in to her workaholic husband’s schedule and tries to find ways to incorporate herself in to his world. She has a type-A perfectionist personality from her family to her appearance, fitness to her fashion and always strives to be the best version of herself. Gail’s friendships mean everything to her but despite their decade long-history, some might come to a head. Can the sisterhood stick together and overcome this bump in the road?

Amy Miller
Amy Miller has never quite got it right with the men in her life. She split from her husband five years ago and is now with on-again-off-again fiancé Arthur. While her friends express strong disapproval of her current relationship, they can’t help being protective and want to see her happy. Amy never puts herself first and is always worrying about everyone else. While she loves having her 20-year-old son Max living at home with her, Amy constantly gets frustrated over his career indecisiveness. With high hopes of the year being focused on self-discovery and light-hearted fun, Amy fears her relationship may distract her from the enjoyable moments and instead put her at the center of the drama.

Liza Sandler
Liza Sandler married her high school sweetheart, who grew up to be a successful hedge fund manager in New York City. He was her first true love, but when they drifted apart she had an affair with a high-powered media figure. The fling ended up in gossip columns, which resulted in the end of their marriage. Now Liza has reached a major turning point in her life as she has to sell her home according to the divorce settlement. Not only is she dealing with an empty nest, but she also must figure out where she will be living to begin the next chapter of her life. Struggling with these adjustments, Liza is leaning on her gal pal Andi, close group of girlfriends and two best friends Pat and Glenn now more than ever for support. With the details of her divorce creeping back into the limelight, Liza is trying to put the past behind her and focus on herself and her journey to find love once again.

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