First Look: Chase the Smurfs Through the O.C.

First Look: Chase the Smurfs Through the O.C.

Gretchen and Tamra have a run-in with the newest Smurf friends, The Naughties.

By Kim Moreau

There are always unexpected antics in Orange County--what's a tossed glass of wine between friends?. But we recently saw something that was even more unusual than someone getting into a tiff over a suspected "evil eye."

While Tamra and Gretchen were having a chat, the Smurfs--and their new very mischievous pals, the Naughties, blew through like a Housewife with an axe to grind. And like a Housewife at a reunion with a point to make, they were toting evidence.

But what was it? A new music video from Gretchen? A workout tape from Tamra? Andy's backstage ritual at Watch What Happens Live?

Something even better--it's a first look at the Smurfs latest flick, The Smurfs 2.

After finally chasing down the Smurfs, we've got an exclusive sneak peek at their new movie (which includes their new friends The Naughties) below, and check out more info on The Smurfs on their Facebook page.

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