Fun Zeebox Facts From 'RHOBH'

Fun Zeebox Facts From 'RHOBH'

We've got behind-the-scenes tidbits from the show's executive producer.

By Mike Hess

There's no shortage of minutae and untold background stories when it comes to the Housewives franchises. Like Kim Zolciak told us earlier, there's only so much you can cram into 45 minutes each week, though nowadays with the help of Zeebox, we're giving you some fun tidbits from behind the scenes of your favorite shows.

Don't have Zeebox yet? Well, you certainly should! Go download it here for iPhone/iPad (here for Droid), and in case you didn't have it fired up during The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills last night, here's some fun facts and thoughts from the show's Emmy-Winning Executive Producer, Dave Rupel, that you missed out on by not watching along:

-- On the Ladies' Homes: "I sometimes think about the crews of shows like “Hoarders” and realize how lucky we are to shoot in the beautiful homes of BH."
-- On Alexia (Finally) Getting Her License: "A big shout-out to Alexia for letting us tag along to her DMV test after failing the first couple of times.  Brave young woman!"
-- On Kim's Recovery: "In our 3 years of doing the show, this is the first trip or event Kim planned.  Very proud of her recovery!"
-- On Brandi's Photo Shoot Phobia:  "It’s true.  Brandi was very unhappy with how she looked in the photos. Her divorce really took a toll on her self-esteem. 
-- On the Brandi-Kim Ojai Conversation: "This scene is one of my favorite of all 3 seasons.  Two former enemies looking at each other differently."

Want to be in on these little nuggets in real-time? We highly recommend you download Zeebox and tune in!
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