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The Daily Dish Top Chef

Get Nick and Nina's Recipes From the 'Top Chef' Finale

All the details on the finalists' dishes.

Last night's Top Chef finale was a real nail-biter—even judge Tom Colicchio said the competition was one of the closest in years.

There's a reason why: Nina Compton and Nicholas Elgi served up some incredible dishes, from his Tuna and Escolar Tartar to her Roasted Goat Sugo. See pictures of all their dishes and check out all the deets on how to make them dishes at home.

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Bon Appetit!

Nicholas Elmi's Dishes

1st Course: Hamachi and Tuna With Green Apple Wasabi, Celery, and Maui-Meyer Lemon

2 oz. of sushi (sliced thin)
2 oz. Hamachi (sliced thin)
10 ea. Green apple
1 cucumber
2 ea. Lemons
a pinch of basil blossoms
1 stash of celery and leaves
2 tsp. agar agar

Juice the green apples and cucumbers together
Pass through a chinois; squeeze the juice of the lemons into the mixture
Puree ½ of the mixture together with 1 tsp. agar agar and bring to a simmer for (3) minutes
Combine with rest of juice and chili
Break gently with a whisk and pass through cheese cloth
Divide clear juice into three; combine 1/3 with the rest of agar agar
Bring to a simmer for (3) minutes and cool then puree
Reserve cold in a squeeze bottle
Add 1/3 of the juice to a small pot and approximately 4 sheets of gelatin and melt
Shave the celery and put in ice water until it curls
Season the sushi with salt, zest and olive oil
Garnish with celery curls and herbs

2nd Course: Sweet Shrimp Bisque, Scallop, and Daikon Noodles with Thai Basil
5 oz. scallop
5 oz. shrimp
2 tsp. salt
3 cups of cream
2 limes (zested)

Puree all ingredients pass through a fine mesh sieve
Place 3 oz. in a vacuum bag and seal
Poach at 135 degrees for (15) minutes
Chill and remove from bags and cut into desired length

Charred Tangerine Vinaigrette Ingredients:
1 leek
½ cup of champagne vinegar
3 tangerines
1 cup of extra virgin olive oil

Burn the leek on a grill
Puree with champagne vinegar and juice for tangerine
Emulsify oil

Shrimp Jus Ingredients:
5 oz. sweet shrimp
½ btl of sake
½ fennel
2 shallots
2 tbl. Coconut oil
2 btl. Extra virgin olive oil
1 qt. chicken stock
¼ cup of cream

Shrimp Jus Method:
Sauté shrimp in extra virgin olive oil until pink
Add fennel and shallot then caramelize
Deglaze with sake and reduce by half
Add stock and simmer for (45) minutes and strain then emulsify
Add sea urchin, coconut oil and cream

3rd Course: Kombu Cured Duck Breast With Kabocha Squash, Hijiki, and Ginger

1 sheet of kombu
½ onion
½ ginger
1 duck breast

Puree the onion and ginger together
Hydrate the kumbo in water
Puree with the onion and spread the mixture on the duck
Poach at 127 degrees for (50) minutes

Hijiki Puree Ingredients:
1 kabocha squash
1 clove
1 sprig of thyme
6 oz. hijiki

Combine in a pressure cooker and barely cover with water
Pressure cook on high for (20) minutes and then puree
Hydrate the hijiki for (20) minutes and fold into puree

Nina Compton's Dishes

1st Course: Tuna and Escolar Tartar With Tomato Water and Jalapeno

½ oz. tuna diced
½ oz. escolar diced
1 tbsp. tomato concentrate
A pinch of basil blossoms
1 tbsp. pancetta

Tomato Mixture:
2 tomatoes pureed and water steamed
½ jalapeno chopped
½ bunch of basil

Mix all ingredients until thoroughly combined
Then scoop with frozen ice very tenderly

2nd Course: Roasted Goat Sugo With Orecchiette, Cherry Tomato Confit, and Goat Cheese

Pastas Ingredients:
1 bag of noodles
5 egg yolks
Olive oil

Pasta Method:
Mix all ingredients together then rest for (20) minutes
Then boil the pasta till noodles become soft

Goat Ingredients:
2 lbs. of goat
10 onions
1 bu. rosemary

Goat Method:
Tear the goat off bone and mix with rosemary and onion
When meat is tender shred the meet and a julienned onion with rosemary
Cooked slowly

3rd Course: Swordfish with Squash Puree, Braised kale, and Smoked Onion Jus

Swordfish Ingredients:
2 lbs of swordfish
1 Tbsp. black pepper
1 Tbsp. cloves
1 Tbsp. sugar
¼ Tsp. salt

Swordfish Method:
Mix all ingredients together
Then lightly brush on fish on each side

Puree Ingredients:
2 shallots (julienned)
1 bu. thyme
Stock as needed
5 oz. olive oil

Puree Method:
Caramelize all of the shallots
Mix in stock and add thyme then
Then add olive oil until thick
Strain through chinois and reserve

Smoked Onion Jus Ingredients:
8 onions cut in half
2 gallons brown chicken stock
1 tuna eye

Smoked Onion Jus Method:
Smoke the onion and then add stock
Reduce when thick and add in tuna eye
Add thyme, herbs let sit for (10) minutes

Braised Kale Ingredients:
2 bu, julienned kale
½ cup diced pancetta
1 cup of chicken stock

Braised Kale Method:
Braise kale until tender
Then serve with other dishes

4th Course: Chocolate Zeppole with Macadamia Nuts and Passion Fruit Anglaise

2 oz. cocoa
6 eggs
2 tbsp. nutella
2 tbsp. baking powder
6 oz. sugar
8 oz. flour

Mix all the ingredients in a bowl and then make balls
Bake until dish is ripe in the middle

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