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Gina Kirschenheiter Has Some Thought-Provoking New Opinions on Emily Simpson's Husband Shane

She provides a very vivid analogy for The Real Housewives of Orange County husband.

By Laura Rosenfeld
Gina Kirschenheiter Finally Comes Face to Face With Emily Simpson's Husband

Well, well, well, who would have thought we'd end up here, ladies and gentlemen? Recall that Gina Kirschenheiter was officially the first OC Housewife to come at odds with Emily Simpson's husband, Shane Simpson, this season of The Real Housewives of Orange County after he asked her to leave his home at the end of the ladies' poker night. Of course, after a bit of an awkward run-in at Eddie Judge's birthday party (clip above), Gina, Shane, and Emily seemed to squash any animosity surrounding the poker night shenanigans. 

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And now that Shane has gotten a bit of heat from the rest of the RHOC squad and fans alike, Gina is the first to defend him — after his wife, of course. "Shane actually is a nice guy, but that was really funny," Gina told The Daily Dish while commenting on his confrontation with Kelly Dodd at Eddie's birthday party during an interview in October. "He grows on you. Everybody should give Shane a chance because he does grow on you and he has a lot of layers. He's like Shrek, you know? He takes a while. He's an onion. You've got to peel him back." 

Here, Gina is of course referring to that scene in the 2001 animated movie Shrek in which the title character, voiced by Mike Myers, explains to Donkey, voiced by Eddie Murphy, that "there's a lot more to ogres than people think," hence, they have layers just like onions. In short, Shane is misunderstood, y'all. 

Emily shared a similar (but Shrek-less) sentiment while defending Shane on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen in November. "A lot of people have a misconception about Shane. You only see a very brief segment about him," Emily explained. "I've been married to him for 10 years. He's the best damn father you will ever meet. We have five kids. He never misses a ballet performance, he takes them to school in the morning, he makes lunches, he changes diapers. He is the best dad, and he is a family man. He is committed to me and our family, so give him a break, guys!"

Gina admitted that poker night wasn't her best look, either. "I feel like when you do this show, you make a commitment to put it all out there. Then you can't be surprised that it's out there. Like, obviously poker night was not, oh, this is great, like when you go out and you just get turnt up with your friends, and then there's a camera following you around," she told The Daily Dish of chronicling her life on RHOC this season. "You know, you go out, you drink, you wake up the next morning and like, 'What did I do?' And it's like, 'I'll tell you what you did because there's a camera following you around.' That's not amazing, but I just was having fun."

However, Gina said that she prides herself on putting her whole life out there — the good, the bad, and the too-turnt-up — which is something she has also gotten a lot of praise for from fans. "I think the most interesting compliment, I guess, that I get (I think it's a compliment) is, 'Oh my god, you're so real,'" she said. "But I'm like, what else would I be, you know? I'm an actual person. I actually drive a minivan. Like, that's actually happening." 

Gina and Emily dish more on their inaugural RHOC season in this exclusive video from the Season 13 reunion, below.

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