Gretchen Rossi’s Bringing Back the “Murse”?

Gretchen Rossi’s Bringing Back the “Murse”?

The Real Housewife of O.C. hints about designing a man purse.

By Lauren Metz

Gretchen Rossi may soon do for the murse what Kate Middleton has done for sheer pantyhose: Make it relevant in 2011.

“I have a huge gay following on my Twitter and my Facebook, and everyone is so sweet because they’re [saying], ‘Gretchen, you’ve got to come up with a murse,’ which is the man purse! They all want me to do an over-the-shoulder murse,” the Orange County Housewife turned Gretchen Christine Collection designer tells

And, yeah, that may actually happen.

“I love giving my fans what they ask for,” spills the mogul-in-the-making about her future business plans. “I keep getting tons of requests, so it just puts my mind in the spinning motion. I want to keep going on a new project, so you never know!”

Slade's lady love even took her murse enthusiasm to Twitter this week when a fan tweeted, “In need of a good Man bag . Think @GretchenRossi is the woman for the job !!!” Well, sign her up! “Sounds fun to me!” G replied back.

And, ladies, not to fret. Although a huge chunk of Gretchen’s current GCC collection is already sold out, she made a tweet promise that she’s “working on new collection now.”

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