Has Padma Lakshmi Found a Cure for the Common Hangover?

Has Padma Lakshmi Found a Cure for the Common Hangover?

You'll thank her in the morning.

By Lauren Metz

Now that Andy Cohen's Watch What Happens: Live drinking shenanigans are going down five nights a week, we could all use a little help when the alarm buzzes.

"Blending juniper berries with an assortment of varying oils can rejuvenate tired, irritated complexions or treat anything from cellulite to a hangover," Top Chef's Padma Lakshmi blogs. Ooooo, tell us more.

"Juniper berries can spice up dishes with its woodsy notes and its essential oil can be blended into a cleansing, aromatic massage oil to help you through if you're feeling bloated or in need of a detox," Padma writes.

Adding to their magic powers list, Padma continues, "Did you know that it's also an amazing topical diuretic? This is a natural, handy tightening trick to keep in your back pocket should you ever find yourself needing to shed that extra 1/2 inch or so." Padma recommends mixing 30ml jojoba oil and six drops of juniper berry oil. "Massage onto skin that could use a little 'lift,'" she instructs.

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