How Does Jax Taylor's Girlfriend Brittany Respond to Her Haters?

How Does Jax Taylor's Girlfriend Brittany Respond to Her Haters?

The #PumpRules SURver's lady love has a message for all her critics.

One of the lessons anyone quickly learns after appearing on reality TV is that the haters are gonna hate. And that's a new reality that Jax Taylor's girlfriend, Brittany Cartwright, has had to adjust to by living her life and loving her man in front of the Vanderpump Rules cameras. But she's not making any apologies for her actions, which is something she learned from her boyfriend. 

"It's awful. When people write comments under Instagram or pictures, it's mainly bad stuff about him and then they'll talk about my boobs. Like, 'You let Jax change you' and just stupid stuff like that. And I'm like, 'He didn't change me. That was my decision,'" Brittany told The Daily Dish. "She hates it. She's, literally everyday, she's on her social media deleting, deleting," Jax added.

Earlier this season, viewers were vocal about Brittany's decision to stick by her man despite Jax's flirtation with Lala Kent. But just because you see her on TV doesn't mean you really know her or can judge her actions. "It's weird how people think they know everything about you just because they see me. [On the show,] I'm like ten minutes," Brittany said. Jax shared the advice he bestowed upon her. "People just judge. I always try to tell her people try to have a voice," he explained. "Somebody in middle America, sitting on their parents' couch, they have nothing to do with their time and they have five followers and they just want to have a voice. Nine times out of 10, that's what it is."

Still, Brittany is adjusting to her new life in the public eye. "I'm very trusting and sensitive, I guess. I have to be a little tougher," she said.

Jax and Brittany also appeared on Watch What Happens Live on Monday. Below they spill some tea about their relationship.

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