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The Daily Dish Imposters

7 Things We Learned from the First 12 Minutes of Imposters

Get some juicy secrets courtesy of this extended trailer before #Imposters premieres on February 7.

By Rachael Roberts
On Season 1 of Imposters...

Mystery abounds in the new Bravo scripted series Imposters, when hopeful romantic Ezra Bloom, played by Rob Heaps, discovers that his new bride has run away with his heart — and everything he owns. How did this happen, you wonder? Luckily, you don't have to wait until the show premieres on February 7 to get some answers. You can watch the first 12 minutes of Episode 1, above and learn even more details about Imposters, below.

1. 'She' Is Ava Bloom

Well, to Ezra at least. This mystery woman (played by Inbar Lavi) first entered Ezra's life pretending to be an adorable Belgian girl with amazing bangs. And while those bangs are definitely marriage-worthy, they clearly cannot be trusted. How did the two meet? How long was this con going on for? Why did she break his heart? The mystery has just begun. 

2. Ava Didn't Act Alone

From the initial trailers, you may have thought Mrs. Ezra Bloom pulled off this expert deception all by herself. However, even con artists get by with a little help from their friends. We first see her older Aunt Catherine in the couples' wedding video, only to later discover that she isn't Aunt Catherine at all. In fact, she doesn't even need a wheelchair! Moreover, this cohort of con artists infiltrated more than his personal life; they infiltrated his professional life as well. Mr. Ellis who worked at Ezra's family-owned business faked his death earlier that day — presumably to run off with "Ava." This crew runs deep. 

3. And She's Got Some Major Dirt on Ezra's Family

How do you ensure that the heartbroken shell of a man you just crushed doesn't go after you? Blackmail him with something that will crush his mother even more, of course. We don't know about you, but we are DYING to find out what is in that file. Has Ezra been caught embezzling? Has he had an affair? What could be worth Ezra's silence?! All we know is it's gotta be something good. 

4. Ezra Has Hit Rock Bottom

The episode starts off with our protagonist wearing a makeshift noose around his neck telling an FBI agent, "Go away, I'm killing myself." Suffice it to say, Ezra is not doing well. He's taken Ava's departure about as hard as anyone could — he's even rocking grey sweatpants, so it's pretty bleak. We mean, just look at this face. Speaking of the FBI...

5. Now the FBI Is After Him

So not only has his new wife left him high and dry with nothing, but the FBI is pounding down his door! Has Ava (or whatever her real name is) set him up with the feds? Does it have to do with that file she left in the fridge? Did they find her and want him to know? The questions are endless! 

6. Ezra's a Pretty Sensitive Guy and Hopeless Romantic

Ezra is so in love with his new wife, Ava, that he buys her a present for every day of their marriage. We meet them on day 28, as he gives her an anklet to symbolize the end of his listless wandering through dating world. Yikes, this kid has got it BAD. His brother even comments, "Do not give me your sensitive face, Ezra, come on." Ezra was perhaps the perfect mark for this heartless con. 

7. He Works with His Family Members — Who Were Also Duped.

We learn that he works not just with his father, but also with his mother and brother at Bloom Boot & Heel. With such a tight knit crew, it seems pretty crazy that this girl was able to pull such a big one over on all these people. But, maybe she's just that good. Plus, it's the family who has all the dirt to hide, and therefore they're just what Ava needed for leverage. 

Dont forget to tune into the Imposters season premiere Tuesday February 7 at 10/9c.

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