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The Daily Dish Imposters

10 Things You Need to Know About Imposters

From cons to a celebrity guest star, here's everything you need to know about the new series.

By Laura Rosenfeld
Everything was Perfect...

The series premiere of Imposters is almost here, and we are so ready for the sexy thrill ride that awaits us as we follow the fabulously cunning con artist, Maddie, and her scorned lovers who try to track her down. 

We're not the only ones who can't contain our excitement. The actress behind Maddie, Inbar Lavi, is so ready to welcome Imposters into the world. "It feels like I've been pregnant with this baby for over a year now, and it's finally out! I'm so excited to watch it get up and walk around and say its first words and introduce it to the rest of the world," she told The Daily Dish. "I'm so proud of it, and I'm so excited. I cannot wait."

So what is it that Inbar is dying for us to see? Get all the vital deets about Imposters below, and you'll be ready to experience all the twists and turns in store for us with this new series. 

1. It's Going to Make You Question Who You Can *Really* Trust


Rob Heaps and Parker Young Give a Sneak Peek of Imposters

Imposters begins with a bang. Ezra (Rob Heaps) thinks he's living the perfect life when he marries Ava after a whirlwind romance. But his world comes crashing down when it turns out that Ava is actually Maddie, and she's run away with all of his money, threatening to expose a deep, dark family secret if he ever comes after her. That is until Ezra meets Richard (Parker Young) and Jules (Marianne Rendón), both of whom have also been conned by Maddie, that they pick themselves up, dust themselves off, and decide to track her down. "It's kind of a lot of different shows in one, which is what I love about it. With our stuff, it's kind of like a buddy movie, it's like a road trip kind of thing," Rob told The Daily Dish about his and Parker's characters teaming up. "With the character of Maddie, the con artist, there's a lot more intrigue, there's a lot more really amazing stuff about identity." 

But Maddie's world gets turned upside down as well when she senses a real-live spark of romance with Patrick (Stephen Bishop). "She has to ask herself, 'How long has it been since I've actually felt? What do I do with this? Can I trust this person?'" Rob explained. "So it's a lot about how much we know the people we love. How much do you ever really know the people that you trust, that you have confidence in, that you give yourself to, which I think is something that everybody can relate to."

2. It Has a Major Girlfriends' Guide to Divorce Connection

Imposters' creative team includes a familiar face to Girlfriends' Guide to Divorce fans. The new series was co-created and is executive produced by Paul Adelstein, who plays Abby's (Lisa Edelstein) ex-husband Jake on GG2D and also serves as producer on the show. With Paul's involvement, Imposters can't help but be as amazing as GG2D. 

3. Maddie Is Full of Contradictions

Who Is She: Imposters' Inbar Lavi on Maddie

Maddie kind of reminds us of Erika Girardi's Real Housewives of Beverly Hills tagline from Season 6: "I'm an enigma wrapped in a riddle — and cash." "Maddie is very creative. She's very independent. She's fun-loving. She's very smart. She's funny and quick. She's very focused, but she's a mess. She's every woman, and she's still a little girl. She's full of questions for everybody, including herself. She's passionate for so many things and has not really found her passion in life. And she's really, really messed up," Inbar told The Daily Dish.

Not only do Maddie's victims try to find out her true identity, but that's something that the character struggles with as well, which is what Inbar said really attracted her to the role. "I'm always more drawn to characters I can't quite figure out, and when I first was introduced to Maddie, I felt like here is a character who is so full of different aspects of life and yet so empty of others. And there was just enough room for me to walk in and try to figure it all out as I go along," she said. "And I still don't think I'm quite there yet. It's an ongoing process, and that's what I realized. And a lot of people can relate to that. Not a lot of people know who they really are quite yet."

We have a feeling that the audience is going to have a lot of fun trying to figure out what Maddie is all about, too. 

4. The Accomplices That Con Together, Stay Together

Luckily, Maddie doesn't have to take on these tough assignments alone. She has the help of her trusty colleagues Max (Brian Benben) and Sally (Katherine LaNasa) to help her pull off all of the cons. For instance, in the premiere, Max and Sally pose as Bloom Boot & Heel employee Mr. Ellis and Ava's Aunt Katherine, respectively, in order to help Maddie steal all of Ezra's money. We can't wait to see what personas Max and Sally take on next. 

5. Ezra Is a Hopeless Romantic — and We Do Mean Hopeless

Who Is He: Imposters' Rob Heaps on Ezra Bloom

The beautiful, charming, and exotic Ava is exactly the escape that Ezra is looking for when they first meet and fall in love. "He's a romantic, he's someone who's dreamed about where he wants to be in his life, and he's someone who maybe hasn't always taken the jumps that he could have in life," Rob said. 

But when his relationship with Ava turns out to be a total lie, Ezra's life completely falls apart. "My character Ezra, you know, in the first episode, he loses everything. He loses all his money," Rob explained. "The entire meaning to his life is just gone." 

So what brings Ezra out of his funk and inspires him to find whoever Ava really is? You'll have to tune in to Imposters to find out. 

6. Richard Is a Big Shot Who's Not Used to Getting Shot Down

Ezra Bloom Isn't the Only One

Similar to Ezra, Richard gets a wakeup call when Maddie cons him. "He was an athlete growing up. I played sports throughout my life and [was] captain of my football team, so I understand this sort of feeling of being a big shot in high school and then moving out and entering the real world and realizing you're not sh**," Parker told The Daily Dish. "I think Richard feels that a lot. He had this life where he thought he had it all figured out and then it very quickly is ripped away from him."  

7. Jules Is a Badass

Jules will join Ezra and Richard on their quest to find Maddie after she is also deceived by another one of her persona's, Cece. This character was also searching for something when Cece, who would eventually become her wife, came into her life. "I think Jules is an artist who’s searching for legitimacy and autonomy from her upbringing and she thought that she could fill that void through the love of her life," the actress behind Jules, Marianne Rendón, told The Daily Dish. "And when she’s faced with some real-life, serious circumstances of having to take a lot of responsibility for who she is and making decisions that she has to make herself, she finds herself and she finds her autonomy and she finds her individuality as a young woman. I think she definitely was sheltered her entire life and she was always striving to break away from that, and this is her chance." 

8. Patrick Could Mean Trouble for Maddie

Bye Ezra, She's On To the Next One

As previously mentioned, Patrick may be the one to make Maddie feel for real for the first time in a long time when they meet in a coffee shop on her way to starting a new con. "He doesn't have any idea, obviously, that this job interview is to meet a mark and this is what she's doing," Stephen Bishop, who plays Patrick, told The Daily Dish. "He's kind of just sitting there, trying to figure out things in his own life, and all of a sudden this whirlwind comes into his town and has got to be seen. He's somebody that has a really organic connection with Maddie and has the potential to derail her from her focus, which is the game." 

9. Uma Thurman's Guest Spot Is Going to Be Epic

As if there wasn't already enough star power in Imposters, the series will also be getting a special guest star when Uma Thurmanappears on the show as Lenny Cohen, a fixer arrives to help the mysterious leader of a group of con artists when trouble arises among his employees and enemies. Since the Golden Globe winner brings fierceness to everything she does, we have a feeling Lenny might just become our new favorite role of Uma's. 

10. Imposters Had a Lot of Cinematic Influences


Speaking of Uma, we might see a little bit of influence from one of her most famous films in Imposters: Pulp Fiction. Paul and his co-creator Adam Brooks cited the iconic Quentin Tarantino movie as influential on their work on Imposters, as well as con movies like Out of Sight and The Lady Eve, when they spoke at the Television Critics Association winter press tour last month, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Expect Imposters to have you on the edge of your seat just like these legendary movies.

You don't have to wait until February 7 to see more of Imposters. Check out a sneak peek of the series, below.

Imposters First Episode Sneak Peek
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