Is Abby Elliott's Odd Mom Out Alter Ego Inspired by the Real Housewives?

Is Abby Elliott's Odd Mom Out Alter Ego Inspired by the Real Housewives?

The #OddMomOut actress breaks down the inspiration behind her character Brooke.

By Jocelyn Vena

There's no doubt that Abby Elliott's small-screen persona Brooke Von Weber is one of the most glam ladies on the Upper East Side. And while she may appear to be a great candidate for any future seasons of The Real Housewives of New York City (like in some fictional universe), Abby isn't sure her alter ego would jump at the chance to live her life in front of the cameras — despite Abby drawing from The Real Housewives universe for some inspiration for the Odd Mom Out role.

"I do a little. I think Brooke would never, no offense, be a Real Housewife just because she would think like, 'I'm not doing reality TV, but definitely, I mean, for sure," Abby told a caller on Watch What Happens Live on Monday. "I've watched a ton of them, so I know."

Earlier this season, The Daily Dish caught up with Abby, who elaborated a bit more about playing the superficial Upper East Side mama, whose life took an interesting turn this season when she started her own fashion line in the wake of her split from hubby, Lex. "Brooke has it easy. In some ways, it's empowering to see her have to get a job and start working. And she feels empowered definitely this season, but in proper Brooke form, she gets away with it a lot and it comes easy to her and she blows up. It's definitely fun to see her empowered, that's for sure but she's still very privileged," she said, adding that she does enjoy stepping into Brooke's shoes. "It's fun to play a major bitch. It's fun to take out a lot of aggression that I have in my life on screen because I can. She's someone that definitely speaks up and she's sassy and sometimes it's hard to do that."

Check out Abby in action as Brooke, below.

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