Is Fredrik Eklund Getting a New Puppy?

Is Fredrik Eklund Getting a New Puppy?


The ‘MDLNY’ star turns to fans for advice following the death of his dear pet Mousey.

It’s been a little over a week since Fredrik Eklund lost his beloved dog Mousey, and though he’s made some professional milestones, there’s still a personal void. Which is why he and husband Derek are considering expanding their family with another pup.

The Million Dollar Listing New York star took to his Instagram last night to share an adorable picture of golden-haired puppy, asking fans for their advice. “If you could touch his nose, would you? Give him a kiss, would you? Hold him close to your chest now, would you? What is it with me and little dogs? I mean small, soft baby dogs?” he writes. “I sit in the sofa, drinking a glass of wine with Derek, discussing the possibility of getting a new puppy.”

The couple’s other dog, Fritzy, hasn’t been having the easiest time without his companion Mousey—he’s even started locking himself in the bathroom to mourn. Fredrik thinks a “girlfriend” for the miniature dachshund might be the perfect solution, but worries if it’s the right choice as they get ready to welcome their daughter, Milla.

”Yes, he needs a girlfriend, I tell Derek! But what would her name be? Would I be able to promise her the best of all animal lives?” he asks. “And would Mousey approve from heaven, watching the new pup kiss me? Will our daughter Milla love her new little friend? Please tell me yes or no, now, so I can read what you think to Derek?”

Fans were overly supportive in their responses. “Mousey would LOVE IT if you rescued a pup!” one fan wrote. “You should def get a new puppy!! You love your dogs so much and give them such a great life. Your new puppy would have an incredible home. And Milla would love it!!!” wrote another.

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