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The Daily Dish Shahs of Sunset

Are Mike Shouhed and Jessica Parido Officially Divorced?

"It's amazing how the mind and the heart play tug of war in situations like this," the #Shahs pal shared.

By Jocelyn Vena
Mike Shouhed Reflects on Split from Jessica Parido

It's been nearly a year since Mike Shouhed and Jessica Parido announced their split. Despite all the time that's passed, the Shahs of Sunset entrepreneur said that he and his estranged wife have yet to finalize their divorce.

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"We're working through stuff," he told The Daily Dish. "The beauty of this wonderful country that we live in, especially the state of California, [is] it'll take you literally 25 minutes to go get married [and] it takes you six months to get divorced, seven months to get divorced. It's a cooling off period and it's been a journey. It's very hard. It's tedious and expensive."

With the divorce not yet finalized, Mike is still dealing with the pain of the split and currently going through the process "very carefully." He added, "It's hard. It's amazing how the mind and the heart play tug of war in situations like this where you don't know how to feel. It is definitely a difficult process to go through."

He shared that it hasn't been easy for him to just turn off his emotions. "Some people are very hard, meaning like they're cold-blooded. Like, 'I'm done. I don't give a f***. I'm moving on.' And with me, it's like I'm mourning the death of my relationship because it was something that yes I made some mistakes, but you know it's a hard thing to be a statistic. I hear all types of statistics, but I think it's at 50 percent of marriages in California end up in divorce, which is pretty crazy. It's sad to be one of those guys 'cause I would rather be the 50 percent that has a marriage full of love and is an amazing relationship because ultimately that's what we want. Although we came into this world alone, no one wants to be alone and die alone."

Mike and Jessica shared their break-up news less than a year after they married in March 2015. And while they weren't Mr. and Mrs. for a very long time, Mike spent years with Jessica before they went their separate ways.

"Our marriage didn't last very long, but our relationship and our love affair for one another was six years," he said of their lengthy relationship, which viewers saw on the series. "That's a long time to be with somebody. With all due respect, I don't give a f*** what anyone thinks or says. Until you walked a mile in my shoes, you can never judge me for what I did or how I feel. Your heart and your mind are very complex organs and it's easy for an outsider to say, 'Oh thank god you're done and you got out safe.' And everyone has their opinion and they have a feeling about me and they have a feeling about Jessica and whatnot, but the memories and love we shared trumped the difficulties we had in our relationship. And it's hard cause you're losing something that was very near and dear to you. Something you planned on having with somebody for eternity and then it ends, and it takes a while to get over it. And it takes a while to be OK again."

Now, Mike is just focusing on himself and his businesses. "I'm the busiest I've ever been in my life. I love it this way," he said. "I'm excited about my shoe line that's dropping in the next month here right before Christmas; the new season of the True Gold shoes. I'm embarking on making baby shoes. The brand is evolving. My moving company is evolving. We're moving a bunch of celebrities, so I'm excited about [that]. And I'm taking this time really to just work on myself."

That means for the first time, Mike is really taking some time out to better himself. "I am a procrastinator by nature and I procrastinated on getting therapy," he said. "I procrastinated on becoming the man I always expected myself to be and now I'm working towards that goal. And I'm not procrastinating anymore. I'm going to my therapy sessions. I'm doing my yoga. I'm working out. I'm trying to eat right. I'm trying to stay focused on my goals instead of worrying about things that don't matter... I'm learning to get out of my comfort zone and become the best Mike I can be."

Check out some throwback photos of Mike, below.

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