Is That Shady? #Married2Med's Quad Knows All!

Is That Shady? #Married2Med's Quad Knows All!

In case you needed expert advice, Quad's here to help!

Quad Webb Lunceford is an expert in all things shady. So if you're not, the Married to Medicine star is offering up her expert advice on the matter.

There are a myriad of situations that Quad has revealed fall into the aforementioned shady category. And everything from your housekeeper sharing some neighborhood gossip with you to a bird relieving himself on your shoulder can be very un-cool. "That’s shady," she tells Buzzfeed. "The bird pooped on me because I’m fly, and he wanted to mess up my wig."

She also makes no excuses when a barista at Starbucks spells her name wrong. "Now my name is four letters wrong," she quips. "That’s shady. I’m confused."

Also a big no-no is when your pal throws a party the same day you celebrate your birthday. "Oh, you know that’s shady!" she says. "Listen. It’s my birthday! Why would you throw a party on my birthday? Ya jealous and ya mad, huh? That’s what it is. That’s VERY shady. What type of party was your party? A penny pinching party."

There are, of course, things that aren't shady. Like when her hubby cooks her dinner. "Aw! He wants to do the nasty. Not shady!" she explains. That sounds like good news for Dr. Gregory.

Or, believe it or not, all denim outfits. "That’s like, very 80’s ish," she notes. "We’re gonna call that vintage."

However she issues a final warning for any friends out there you might want to take credit for her (or your) success. "I had no idea that my ex-bestfriend was God," she says. "I had no idea that I had a ten year relationship with God already. And we used to hangout like every day and drink tons of wine. Shady, honey!"

[Source: Buzzfeed]


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