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"Jackie Is an Old Church Lady": Why Did Sweet Tea Need to Apologize to Dr. Jackie?

"I do owe Sweet Tea an apology," Dr. Jackie said. "For not getting up and slapping her in her mouth like her mother should have done." 

By Caitlin Busch
Sweet Tea Apologizes to Dr. Jackie After Nasty Argument

Even a couples vacation couldn't keep the Married to Medicine ladies from being at each other's throats in the latest Season 10 episodes. And while there were several blowouts, arguably the biggest was between Lateasha "Sweet Tea" Lunceford and Dr. Jackie Walters.

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In Episode 13, Sweet Tea did, eventually, apologize for her behavior the previous night (watch above), but what had her so riled up in the first place? 

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"Silence is golden, I know when to shut my mouth," Jackie told Dr. Alicia Egolum. "You could not have paid me to respond last night. I had everything in my head to say but it would have only amplified what was already going on." 

In a confessional, Jackie added: "I do owe Sweet Tea an apology – for not getting up and slapping her in her mouth like her mother should have done." 

Jackie explained that she realized that maybe calling Sweet Tea "baby girl" the night before was what set her off. "She is married to an older man and it could have been taken the wrong way," she said.

The previous night, the other women were maybe having a bit too much fun in poking at Lateasha and her relationship. So, feeling overwhelmed, she snapped, calling Jackie a "b-tch" and telling her to "shut the f--k up."

The nasty interaction weighed on both women.

Toya tells Lateasha to be careful

Simone Whitmore and Toya Bush-Harris talking around a table.

So, the next day, encouraged and cautioned by Toya Bush-Harris, Lateasha approached Jackie on the boat. 

"I'm embarrassed by my outburst and I want Jackie to understand who I am, but I think Jackie should take more responsibility for what she did and what she said," Lateasha said in a confessional. "She hurt me. And she took me out of my character and I'm sorry for that." 

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Sitting close on a couch, Lateasha apologized and Dr. Jackie "released" her of her pain over the interaction.

The Married to Med ladies have been "vulnerable" lately

"You came in this girlfriend group at a very vulnerable time," Jackie said. "And you're exactly right, we made fun of a time that we probably shouldn't have and it was not fair to you. We were being mean kindergarten kids."

So, they agreed to let it go — forgive and forget. 

"Jackie is an old church lady in wolf's clothing," Lateasha said in a confessional. "I know deep down under all that fur, she's a good person." 

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