Jeff Lewis Answers: Who's Hotter Than Andy?

Jeff Lewis Answers: Who's Hotter Than Andy?

The 'Interior Therapy' star may think he's hot, but not as hot as...Carrot Top?

By Megan Johnson

Interior Therapy star Jeff Lewis is known for his strong opinions.

So when Lewis was asked what stars are hotter than Watch What Happens Live host Andy Cohen, he had no problem sharing his feelings.

"Andy's going to test well," Jeff says in this exclusive clip. "I do think Andy's hot."

So what stars made their way onto Jeff's "Hotter Than Andy" list? Take a look:

So let's recap. There's the obvious picks of Ryan Gosling and George Clooney, and even a cameo by Cher. But James Earl Jones, Carrot Top, and Tan Mom?

"Any name is hotter than Andy!" Jeff joked. At least there's no breaking up this friendship!

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