Jeff Lewis Has Big Plans for His Baby Nursery

Jeff Lewis Has Big Plans for His Baby Nursery

Find out why it's been "torture" for the #FlippingOut designer.

By Laura Rosenfeld

For Jeff Lewis and Gage Edward, getting pregnant via surrogate might not be the hardest stop on the road to fatherhood. Prepping the nursery may actually be more of a challenge for the Flipping Out couple. “We decided that we were going to quickly redo the nursery,” Jeff said in a recent interview with PEOPLE. “I am waiting for that room to be finished so I can start loading it with everything we need. I’m very organized so for me this is kind of torture that last-minute stuff.” 

Jeff previously gave us an idea of the difficulties he and Gage would face in getting the baby's room ready when he announced that the couple would be expecting their first child, a daughter, via surrogate this fall. “We’re going to end up redoing this little girl’s room like a hundred times,” he told PEOPLE in May. “But right now, I want just a really soft, soothing, calm room, especially with all the drama and activity around here, I just want this room to be like a sanctuary for her.” 

Having a baby on the way isn't the only isn't the only change in Jeff's life lately. He's also had to cope with his termination from the furniture company Living Spaces. “It certainly stung, and I felt it in a big way,” he recently told PEOPLE. “So I grieved a little bit. Then I brushed myself off and got up and realized, ‘Well, I gotta go make a living.’”


But the silver lining to this situation is that it has freed up time for Jeff to get back to what he calls his "dream job," flipping, and "it's so fun to be doing that again," he told PEOPLE. 

However, living in his own home as he flips it has provided its own set of challenges, as we're seeing this season of Flipping Out. “In hindsight it was a very bad decision for me to live in the home while I was doing the work,” Jeff said. “Maybe because so much time has passed since the last time I had done that, I forgot about how truly horrible it is.”


So how will Jeff handle all of these changes in his life? We'll see Jeff return to therapy this season. “I hadn’t been there in a long time and I think I probably should have gone to therapy a little sooner,” he explained. “Some of it comes at you so quickly and there’s so much that it’s a little overwhelming, and I felt like I needed a little extra help.” 

Ultimately, Jeff has a positive outlook on everything that has happened over the past year. “A lot can change in just a 12 month period, and this has just been one of those incredible growth years,” he said. 

And the changes keep on coming. See how Jeff puts a new employee to the test during next Thursday's episode of Flipping Out at 9/8c, below.

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