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The Daily Dish Flipping Out

What Does Jenni Pulos Think About Jeff Lewis Becoming a Father?

The #FlippingOut mom has already seen a change in her boss.

By Laura Rosenfeld
What Does Jenni Pulos Think of Jeff Lewis Becoming a Dad?

Jeff Lewis and Gage Edward are due to welcome their first child via surrogate this fall, and we're getting an intimate look at their road to fatherhood this season of Flipping Out. So far, it looks like the thought of raising a child of their own has been exciting and anxiety-inducing for the couple. 

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However, Jeff's longtime executive assistant Jenni Pulos, who is mom to 3-year-old daughter Alianna, has every confidence that they will do a great job as parents. "I think Jeff and Gage will be incredible fathers," Jenni told The Daily Dish (clip above). "I think one may end up being more the disciplinarian, one may be a little more of the fun, but they both are amazing with Alianna, and she both loves them. And you can kind of see for different reasons, so I think that they'll take that on as parents." 

The fact that we haven't seen Jeff and Gage really show too much emotion on Flipping Out about their soon-to-be baby girl isn't that surprising to Jenni. "Overall, I think they are so elated and nervous and terrified, which is all normal. But I think they just can't wait," she said. "They are the kind of people, both of them, that they aren't going to get overexcited just until the day is finally here." 

Though it's natural for anyone to have a little bit of fear while approaching parenthood, Jenni admitted that Jeff may be having a tougher time, considering his preference for being in control of the situation. "I think because of Jeff's control issues that, yeah, maybe even secretly he's more terrified than most because he's conjuring up things that probably won't even happen. But I think everybody does that, you know, in whatever way they process things," she said. "So I think overall, his attention to detail and all the things that makes him great about work will also make him a great parent." 

It's a Bumpy Ride as Jeff and Gage Clash in the Fast Lane

It may be difficult to imagine Jeff and Gage having time to raise a child, considering their busy and demanding careers, but Jenni said they have already reorganized their priorities. "I have definitely seen both a change in Jeff and Gage. I have seen them kind of soften up, if you will, about even work," she said. 

In fact, making the time to be with their baby girl is one of the things Jenni said "Jeff and Gage will both do effortlessly." "I think they both really enjoy their time with my daughter, so I can only imagine when they have their own," she said, adding that she hopes the couple's new bundle of joy adopts Jeff's "humor and childlike spirit." "They want to be there. They love it. They soak it in. They want to play games with her." 

It sounds like Alianna is returning the favor by helping Jeff and Gage prep for their baby, in a way. "I've already given them some of my daughter's most precious baby clothes because sometimes they wear them once or twice, and you pass it on," Jenni said (clip below). "[Jeff]'s not, 'Oh, I need everything new.' He's like, 'Give it to me. I love it.'" 

How Is Jenni Pulos Helping Jeff Lewis Prepare for His Baby?

Jenni said she has also gotten Jeff and Gage a few other baby gifts so far, including swaddle blankets. She also joked that she wants to gift Jeff the Baby Shusher to get him "back for all those years of shushing" her. "I think rather than one big gift, I just want to keep giving them gifts along the way," she said. 

Jenni also can't wait for Alianna to have a new friend. "I have already thought about babysitting playdates with Alianna and their baby," Jenni said. "She's really excited to have a baby sister cousin, if you will. The other night she had both of her dolls, and she said, 'This is the baby, and I am the sister.' So, you know, I think she's preparing for another little friend."

As Jeff and Gage get the nursery ready for their daughter's arrival, it does make you wonder how the baby will impact the whole Jeff Lewis Design team since they all work in their home. "We'll see how that all pans out. I think it could cause them to make a change. Maybe early on they'll realize, 'No, we want the office out of the house.' Or maybe they'll just find a way to make it all work and balance," Jenni said. "I think first thing's first, they need to finish their house because they're living in a construction zone. So baby steps, if you will."

This Is a Dysfunctional House

Learning how to take things one step at a time is just one of the many lessons Jeff and Gage will encounter as parents, according to Jenni. "That's just what parenting and life is, really, day-by-day," she said. "Don't overjump, don't overthink. And that's the best lesson, I think, for Jeff."

Relive the moment Jeff and Gage found out they're going to be dads, below.

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