Jeff Lewis Opens Up About His Struggle to Become a Dad

Jeff Lewis Opens Up About His Struggle to Become a Dad

The #FlippingOut star reveals his journey to plan a family with partner, Gage.

Last year, Jeff Lewis predicted that he and his partner Gage would become parents before taking a walk down the aisle. Now, the Flipping Out star is opening up about how difficult it has been to achieve that dream.

”It’s been going on for a long time, actually, four-and-a-half years,” he told Extra. “We actually started researching fost-adopt, private adoption, and we had every horror story known to man, which I could probably write three books to discuss. And then we decided to do surrogacy, so we’ve started that process.” 

So is there a bun in the oven currently?! “We’re not pregnant yet,” he revealed. 

Still, there's plenty to look forward to on the upcoming season of Flipping Out — including some serious changes from the hard-hitting flipper. “I’ve come a long way,” he continued. And co-star, Jenni Pulos, agrees. “He really has! You’re going to see growth this season.” Ever the jokester, Jeff had a cheeky response to that sentiment. “If you look really hard, and rewind. Slow-mo.”

Flipping Out premieres Wednesday, July 1 at 9/8c. Catch a first look at what to expect on the upcoming season here.

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