Jenni Pulos Gives Construction Tips to a Chicken

Jenni Pulos Gives Construction Tips to a Chicken

Watch the #FlippingOut star's cameo on Sprout's 'Sunny Side Up Show.'

By Jocelyn Vena

When the folks over at Sprout's Sunny Side Up Show needed some expert advice on how to build a park for fictional Tube Town's citizens, they looked no further than Flipping Out star Jenni PulosBeing that Jenni has had her hands in a few projects over the years, she was happy to assist the show's Carly and Chica on the park project, which just so happened to be commissioned by Tube Town's mayor (making it kind of a big deal).

In addition to chilling with Carly and Chica, Jenni's daughter, Alianna, also stopped by the set. What went down is too cute for words. 

Thank you again Chica. Your chirps bring oh so many smiles. @sproutchannel @adriannapapell

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