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Jeremiah Brent's "Quarter-Life" Crisis

The whiz kid tells us how he survived at Team Zoe.

By Colleen Werthmann

Just how did Jeremiah Brent get his groove back?

We all know the gorgeous wunderkind left the world of interior design to be Rachel Zoe's styling protégé for a hot second. But now the former-stylist has rekindled his passion for décor, and he shared his thoughts on returning to the home-world in a heart-to-heart with Socialite Life.

On his foray into fashion, Jeremiah says, "At about age 25 I had a bit of a quarter-life crisis and expected to be at a certain place by then, which was unrealistic to some extent. I used to have a lot of passion for interior design but I somehow lost it along the way, and so fashion was what I thought to be a new beginning, but in the end it just solidified the love I have for design. It was a chance to try something new, and the opportunity to actually learn something from Rachel Zoe. How do you turn that down? You have to try different things, that's how people realize what they're meant to do."

Despite all the changes, Jeremiah says he's in a great place now. "I'm officially Rachel Zoe's home design expert. . .anything home or design related is all me," Jeremiah confirms. "I love working for them. I mean, obviously they're like a family to me now, so we have our ups and downs. They take really good care of you once you're a part of their family."

So does 'Miah have a signature style? "A great interior designer is able to capture who someone is and adapt to who they are. Rachel is very Parisian chic and very glamorous, and I am more masculine and I like dark palettes. My signature would probably just be the layers. The best thing for me is having that final layer and every accessory is placed and hung exactly how it should be. I think it's really important to make it seem like people live there."

So can Jeremiah "live there" with his cattily competitive coworker Joey Maalouf? "The thing with Joey is that he has a really big heart and he means well; he just doesn't have a filter. . .half the time it goes in one ear and out the other. It's so funny that I'm so aloof and focused on work that I don't even notice what he says half the time, then I'll rewatch it and think 'Wait a second. . .'"

We'll don't think too hard then. . .

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