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Jill Kargman Explains Why She Addressed Her Brother's Divorce from Drew Barrymore in Her Book

"I wanted to address it and just let everyone know that everyone is fine," says the #OddMomOut star.

By Jocelyn Vena
Jill Kargman Found a Special Way to Honor Her Family

No relationship was left unexamined in Jill Kargman's newly-released hilarious book of essays, Sprinkle Glitter on My Grave. The Odd Mom Out star shared some comical insights into her own marriage to Harry Kargman, her parents' longtime marriage, and even her brother Will Kopelman's split from Drew Barrymore.

"I wrote the book before they had separated and I wanted it to feel like not dinosaur where people are opening the book and dust is flying out. So I wanted to address it and just let everyone know that everyone is fine," she told The Daily Dish at the book's splashy release party held at Saks Fifth Avenue earlier this week. "My brother is an incredible person and such a good father and such a devoted uncle. He hasn't read it yet 'cause he's in L.A., but I'm FedExing him a copy. And he's just so supportive. I'm just his biggest fan so, I hope he digs."

Two people who definitely dig the book are her parents, Arie and Coco Kopelman, to whom she also pays homage in the quirky release. "My parents called me like 20 times laughing out loud. So I was really happy 'cause I really cared what they would have to say the most," she said. "My parents' marriage is still the standard for everybody that I know. All my friends say I grew up in a bubble and that's so great cause you had a happy childhood, but it's not realistic. And [my parents] also [have] really traditional roles. It's the sort of 20th century [where] she makes every dinner for him. And I never cook Harry dinner. [laughs] I'm like the s***tiest wife by last century's standards. But I think I'm a good wife in other ways. I'm like 'It's called a microwave.' Just kidding."

Jill's 14-year-long marriage to Harry (as well as their wedding night) also made the cut in the book. She credits her hubby for being so supportive of her as she transitioned from full-time writer, to Odd Mom Out actress/writer. "Harry is very patient with me, and unlike my brother, he didn't sign up for marrying an actress," she said. "He married a writer. So suddenly he had to deal with me. I was a stay-at-home mom for 11 years and then I disappeared for 15 hours a day, so that was a huge adjustment for him. So [I] definitely want to honor him and his adaptive nature because he definitely put up with a lot with that switch and [I] definitely feel like we made it out of the woods."

Find out what Jill thinks about the subject of multiple husbands, below.

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