Jon Hamm on Kathy Griffin

Jon Hamm on Kathy Griffin

The 'Mad Men' star says he has at least one thing in common with the funny lady.

By Monica A. Reyhani

OK -- I'll admit it. I've been searching for days, nay, weeks to find a connection to Mad Men. I'm newly obsessed, and am probably driving my colleagues nuts, but I can finally shut up about it because one of my editors sent me an e-mail last night with a link to this article describing an interview the Mad Men star did with ESPN's The Sports Guy.

In it, Hamm says, "If I win two Emmys, which I'm not going to, it will be just another thing I have in common with Kathy Griffin." ANOTHER THING? WHAT'S THE FIRST THING?! Seriously, guys, I'm stumped. Did he do stand-up?

Well, anyway, good luck to both Jon and Kathy! And please please please leave a comment below if you know what he's talking about.

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