Monique Samuels Knows Why Charrisse Jackson Jordan Brought Up Rumors That Karen Huger Has a Boyfriend

Monique Samuels Knows Why Charrisse Jackson Jordan Brought Up Rumors That Karen Huger Has a Boyfriend

"I have met 'Blue Eyes.' A few of us have met him before," the #RHOP newbie said.

By Laura Rosenfeld

Any hope you had for Karen Huger and Charrisse Jackson Jordan to settle their differences was probably lost during this season's Real Housewives of Potomac reunion. Charrisse brought up rumors that Karen has a boyfriend nicknamed "Blue Eyes," reigniting the beef between the two.

In case you were wondering what it was like to witness this bomb drop, Monique recently filled The Daily Dish in on all the drama. "I wasn't shocked that Charrisse brought that up being that Karen did and said what she said off-camera when she was in Bermuda," Monique said, referring to Karen's hot mic moment when she brought up the rumors about Charrisse having a boyfriend, who is a firefighter, earlier this season. "So I wasn't surprised." 

So does Monique think there's any truth to the rumors? "Who knows if it's true. That remains to be seen. I have met a blue-eyed gentlemen who I thought was her driver, but then she said security. So maybe he's her security driver, so I don't know. I have met 'Blue Eyes.' A few of us have met him before," Monique recalled. "But whatever their relationship is beyond that, I can't speak on. Unless I see something with my own eyes, I don't believe it happened." 

Karen denied the rumors during Part 2 of the RHOP reunion and said the allegation was from many years ago, although the other ladies said they had heard it recently. 

Though Monique said she "was very shocked that Charrisse went there" by alleging that Karen has a boyfriend, she said she understood why she mentioned the rumor at the reunion. "She gave her a warning. I remember on Twitter, Charrisse said, 'People in glass houses shouldn't throw stones,'" Monique shared. "And once the reunion came around, she kept to that and threw that out there."


But did Monique think it was a little odd for Charrisse to bring up rumors about Karen's love life after she got so upset when Gizelle Bryant did something similar to her last year with the fireman rumors? The RHOP mom said the situations are different. "It's only weird if it's not true. So Charrisse really believes that this is true, whereas Gizelle's information came from someone on Instagram who messaged all of them and Gizelle was the only person that spoke on it, up until Karen when Karen spoke on it in Bermuda. So to my understanding — because obviously I wasn't there when that whole situation happened — but to my understanding, everybody knew it was some sort of stalker woman who was trying to spread lies about Charrisse. And they all knew that. And Gizelle made it look like it was real life," she explained. "So whatever Charrisse threw out there is something that she believes to be true. That remains to be seen. But if it's not true, shame on you, Charrisse, for bringing that up, because that's a very valid point. But Charrisse believes that it's true." 

In case you were wondering, Karen says she and her husband, Ray Huger, are as in love as ever these days — and she wasn't shy about telling all of the ladies about it at the RHOP reunion, either. "I'm screwing Ray, and we're still doing it," Karen said. "We're still getting it in." 

Well, there you have it.

Relive this jaw-dropping reunion moment, below.

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