Kathryn C. Dennis Shares What Her New Schedule Is Like with Her Kids

Kathryn C. Dennis Shares What Her New Schedule Is Like with Her Kids

The #SouthernCharm mom is "really happy" about the time she spends with her children.

By Laura Rosenfeld
Kathryn and Kensie's Photo Shoot

If you've scrolled through Kathryn C. Dennis' Instagram lately, you've definitely seen adorable photo after adorable photo of the Southern Charm mom with her two kids, 3-year-old Kensie and 1-year-old St. Julien. And Kathryn just radiates joy in each and every pic.Β 

In fact, Kathryn is getting to see a lot of her children these days. She gave an update on what her schedule is like with Kensie and St. Julien during the latest episode of the podcast Be Here for a While with Rachael O'Brien. "I pick them up from school every other Friday, and I take them back on that Monday," she shared. "Yeah, I get them three nights now, so I'm really happy about that."

Kathryn didn't reveal whether she and her ex Thomas Ravenel have settled a custody arrangement with their children just yet. But it's clear that she's loving every second she gets to spend with her kids. "They're at really fun ages right now, like Kensie is getting into makeup and wants to dress up and be like her mommy. It's so cute and it's so special seeing your little baby wanting to be like you. It's sweet," Kathryn gushed during the podcast. "And then Saint is learning how to say no, and not snatch things back, but Kensie likes to take things from him, and he'll say no and take it right back."


It appears that things have smoothed over between Kathryn and Thomas, too. Kathryn also revealed during the podcast that she and T-Rav hooked up after this season's Southern Charm reunion.Β 

But as far as the possibility of these two ever getting back together again, Kathryn isn't so sure that it is β€”Β or isn't β€”Β in the cards. "I mean, I'll never say that, because lord have mercy, we have said that so many times in the past. And when we're around each other, just like after the reunion, we immediately gravitate towards each other. There's this, like, this look that we get... There's still that attraction," she said. "He can charm me, but I realize it's, like, a temporary type of intention. I don't know if that makes sense, but it's only for that moment. After that, he's gonna continue doing what T-Rav wants to do. And that's OK."Β 

Watch Kathryn and Thomas talk more about the future, below.

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