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Kathryn C. Dennis Reveals She and Thomas Ravenel Hooked Up After the Southern Charm Reunion

"There's still that attraction," the #SouthernCharm mom shared.

By Laura Rosenfeld
Kathryn and Thomas Open up About Their Feelings for Each Other

Despite all of their ups and downs, Kathryn C. Dennis and Thomas Ravenel couldn't deny that they still have chemistry at this season's Southern Charm reunion. That was so much the case that they apparently shared an intimate moment together after the sit-down ended. 

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Kathryn shared that she and Thomas hooked up after the reunion during the most recent episode of the podcast Be Here for a While with Rachael O'Brien. "I have never told anyone this, but after this year's reunion or whatever, you know how in the past we've hooked up afterwards? That happened this year, and this is the first time I'm saying it," she revealed. 

The Southern Charm mom spoke about the possibility of the two could ever getting back together again one day. "We could be. I mean, the thing is it would take a lot of work, and at this point in his life, I don't know if he's able to make that commitment to someone or something because he's never had to be accountable, I guess, to someone else or whatever," Kathryn explained. 

She went on to say that it feels as though their relationship was the closest Thomas has come to committing to one woman. "I was able to navigate who he is," Kathryn said. "I could tell whenever he was angry about something, it wasn't me, but he was taking it out on me, and I knew not to respond, let him get it out, let him calm himself down, and then whatever. I was able to, I guess, tailor myself and tailor the situation to make it as amicable and peaceful as possible. And that was, a part of me, I feel like, stayed with him, even through all the bullsh** and the difficult things I had to accept outside of the show, too."

Even though their relationship didn't work out, Kathryn said she is still supportive of Thomas, with whom she has a daughter and a son, today. "I wish him nothing but the best. He's the father of my children, and I told him, 'All I want to be is your greatest supporter, your biggest fan, and your friend when you need me. I want you to be the best father you could be,'" she said. "And I really do mean that, because at the end of the day, it's not about us; it's about our kids. And I finally have detached emotionally." 

Ultimately, as far as ever getting back together, Kathryn is never saying never. "I mean, I'll never say that, because lord have mercy, we have said that so many times in the past. And when we're around each other, like just like after the reunion, we immediately gravitate towards each other. There's this like this look that we get... There's still that attraction," she said. "He can charm me, but I realize it's, like, a temporary type of intention. I don't know if that makes sense, but it's only for that moment. After that, he's gonna continue doing what T-Rav wants to do. And that's OK." 

In fact, she said she thinks Thomas wants to settle down. "No, I think that he wants to. Even when we've spoken off-camera, he tells me he's lonely. He tells me he wishes that we could give it another shot. And perhaps without the cameras and whatnot around, we could really thrive as a family. And know that deep down, that's what he wants," Kathryn said. "But I just truly think that personality-wise, he's a product of his past, and that person cannot have a normal relationship that is consistent for a long period of time, unfortunately." 

Thomas revealed on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen in June that his relationship with Kathryn "has gotten a lot better" and their chemistry is "palpable." But as far as ever tying the knot with his former flame, that doesn't seem to be in the cards, according to T-Rav. "I don't think so I just think, again, I've said this innumerable times, the age difference is so great," he said on WWHL. "It's like my preacher told me, and he was a sex therapist, 'cause he said, 'Look, things are going great now but in 15 years, you know, how much Viagra am I gonna have to buy?' It's gonna get expensive."

These days, Kathryn has moved on in the romance department. She started dating a guy she met on Bumble after returning home from the reunion.

Watch Kathryn give an update on what else she's been up to in Charleston, below.

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