Kathryn Dennis Reveals Her Current Relationship with Thomas Ravenel

Kathryn Dennis Reveals Her Current Relationship with Thomas Ravenel

The #SouthernCharm mom opens up about her children's father.

By Jocelyn Vena

Kathryn C. Dennis and Thomas Ravenel may have two kids together, but that doesn't mean the Southern Charm parents are — by any means — romantically involved at the moment. And now, Kathryn is revealing their current relationship status. "We were still kind of on and off, but we've been pretty much done since Julien," she told People. (Kathryn gave birth to their son, St. Julien, in November 2015.) "The phase where Thomas was going to try and make it work right after I had Julien lasted for about a week."

As for their sometimes contentious relationship, Kathryn explained that being single has definitely offered a new perspective on the former romance. "I lost my own identity. It's been a little bit of a shock to lose that part of my life but it's really refreshing," she said. "I am learning who I am, what I like, what I want and enjoy. It’s been great."

These days, Kathryn's focus has been on St. Julien, as well as her 2-year-old daughter, Kensington. "It's hard," she said. "But I have embraced it. They are so sweet and gentle and pure." But, that doesn't mean she has ruled out dating all together. "I don't even know what dating means because I haven't done it in so long," she explained. "But a nice guy recently invited me to dinner. My focus is really on my children, but dating is definitely an option."

Thomas, Kathryn, and the whole Southern Charm crew will be back for more action when the new season premieres on Monday at 9/8c. Check out an very feisty preview below.

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