Kathy Griffin and... Levi Johnston?

Kathy Griffin and... Levi Johnston?

Kathy takes Bristol Palin's ex to the Teen Choice Awards.

Hot couple alert! OK, not exactly...

Looks like Kathy's at it again. She arrived with Levi Johnston (also known as Bristol Palin's baby's daddy) at the Teen Choice Awards last night. Kathy tested out her cougar skills when the pair got cozy on the red carpet for the cameras.

According to Kathy this odd duo have been "a couple" for some time. She explained, "Long-distance relationships are not easy, especially when he's in his igloo and I'm in my Hollywood tower."

What's Levi have to say about all this?

"I just, you know, look at her, shut up and do what I'm told."

Whoa there. Seems like Kathy's really got a hold on this kid.

What do you guys think? Do they make a cute couple?


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