Kell on Earth: We're All in this Together

Kell on Earth: We're All in this Together

A new hire brings drama to the People's Rev office on last night's Kell.

By Melanie Caselas

With a season full of People's Rev staff members dropping like starved runway models, on last night's Kell on Earth it was definitely time to recruit. After a failed attempt with a power girl wanna-be (read: jewelry thief) named Mallory, the team tries once more with Grace, a girl whose more natural look just might suit the office. People's Revolution dons a no make-up style better than any other office we've seen on Bravo.

But training a new employee seems to be as tricky as transitioning an outfit from winter to spring. When Grace leaves the office early per Skinner's misguided approval, the girls get Kelly on the phone immediately. Skinner insists her innocence, and in a moment of tribal dispute, it's Kell that gets the last word in.

Everybody works together at People's Revolution. And Kelly genuinely hopes that Skinner can have a life outside of work. But she needs to delegate in order to do so. And Grace needs to remember that Skinner is her junior. (i.e. Don't listen to Skinner?) Does anyone else find these two commands conflicting? We do. But as Kelly says (the underlying mantra), it's her company. Here's hoping Grace catches on quickly!

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