Kim Fields' Husband Reveals Why He Thinks Kenya Moore Brought Up Those Gay Rumors

Kim Fields' Husband Reveals Why He Thinks Kenya Moore Brought Up Those Gay Rumors

The #RHOA husband would've handled the situation very differently than his wife.

By Laura Rosenfeld

Conclusions don't get much more dramatic than Part 3 of The Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 8 reunion on Sunday. That's partly thanks to Kenya Moore's heated confrontation with Kim Fields' husband Christopher Morgan about those rumors she brought up regarding his sexuality while the RHOA couples vacayed in Jamaica earlier this season (clip above). 

Chris wasn't present when Sheree Whitfield brought the conversation to Kim's attention during the trip, but if he had been, he said he would've reacted very differently than his wife's calm, cool, and collected response. "I'm glad my Jesus STAYED with Kim!" Chris told The Daily Dish via email, praising his wife's ability to maintain her composure in that situation. "I'd have laughed, and then I'd blow verbal holes in them! I enjoy a good smack talk!"

Though Chris said Kenya's comments initially caught him off guard, he has learned to ignore rumors that have no truth to them. "I was surprised that she lied so blatantly. I dismissed whatever crap had come up like anyone does when someone says something about them that is so untrue, it was surprising to hear someone try to corroborate the story when they don't know me at all," he said. "People said all kinda stuff about me when Kim and I got together because they didn't know me. It didn't bother me then and it doesn't now."

Chris also addressed Kenya's claims that the rumors about his sexuality have been widespread in the entertainment industry. "You can't have a widespread rumor about somebody the world doesn't know yet!?" he said. "The more people see me, the less rumors will exist."

When asked if Chris thought Kenya's negative feelings toward Kim motivated her to bring up these rumors he said, "Of course they did."

Chris has no hard feelings toward any of the other RHOA ladies for engaging in the conversation about his sexuality. "Everyone owned everything they did," he said.

The experience has even seemed to be an overall positive one for Chris. "The outpouring of support and respect for how I've handled this situation has been amazing," he said. "I'm truly grateful for the love."

But through all of the scrutiny that being a part of a show like RHOA brings, Chris said he has remained true to himself. "I'm me," Chris said. "You or anyone can look as close as you like, it's still just me. The microscope is a part of what we do. It was there before RHOA."

Check out pics of Kim, Chris, and their adorable sons through the years, below.

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