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You'll Never Guess What People Mistook for Drugs in Kim Kardashian's Snap

Was it cocaine, candy, or... fancy furniture?

By Sarv Kreindler
After Show: Kim Kardashian West’s Personal Life

One of Kim Kardashian’s recent Snaps almost got the star in trouble when an eagle-eyed Twitter user pointed out that it looked like she had two lines of powder lying in wait behind her.

“Ohhhhhh @KimKardashian caught out with cocaine .. durtayyyyy,” the Tweeter wrote.

The mom of two, who recently told Andy Cohen about owning her drug and alcohol-free lifestyle since she’s been a teen, was quick to shut the rumor down, insisting that the powder was actually candy from her recent family trip to Dylan’s Candy Bar.

“I do not play with rumors like this so I'm gonna shut it down real quick,” she tweeted back.

Of course, people weren’t really buying the excuse, leading Kim’s good friend Chrissy Teigen to get involved in the fray.

“What kind of coke head lines up the drugs and just...doesn't do them?” she asked and then used her trademark wit to shut down a skeptic who wondered why Kim would be playing with lines of candy on the bathroom counter.

“You’re right. I am wrong. You know her better for sure. I trust your judgement here,” Chrissy clapped back.

Well, it turns out it wasn’t coke or candy. Late last night, Kim posted another video showing that what looked like two lines of white powder was really just the design of the hotel room’s marble table. Because perspective, you guys.

In the video, she shows the lines from afar and then brings the camera closer to reveal that they’re actually bigger swaths of white marble.

“I just got back to my hotel room and look at this table. Same position. It is still there.” she says. “So we did go to Dylan’s Candy Shop. I did think that it was our Pixy Stix, but after all that this table in the background is a marble table, you guys…so come on, I don’t play like that. I have kids. It’s just not my lifestyle. I have never been like that.”

So there you have it. The great cocaine mystery solved once and for all.

Watch Kim play a game of Plead the Fifth, below.

Plead the Fifth with Kim Kardashian West
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