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8 Celebrities' Moms Who Are Killing the Instagram Game

Forget their famous offspring — these mamas' Instagram accounts are the ones you need to follow.

By Colette McIntyre

As evidenced by the viral success of humor accounts like @CrazyJewishMom and all the public adoration for Britney Spears’ meme-and wine-fueled Instagram, there is nothing more enjoyable than a parent being their hilarious, uncontrived self on social media. In a world of filters, “follow for follow,” and ironic hashtags, seeing someone’s mom or dad earnestly share an edited photo of a Minion with a sassy quote is entirely uplifting. Fortunately for us, celebrities’ parents are just as susceptible to the corny inspirational quotes and out-of-focus selfies as someone who hasn’t been to the Oscars or had dinner with Kanye West. Below are our picks for the eight celebrity parents who are crushing the Instagram game.

1. Tina Knowles

My baby killed it tonight at the concert! And then gave a party for her band and dancers . She's a real soldier!

A photo posted by Tina Knowles (@mstinalawson) on

Tina Knowles’ Instagram is like a master class in glamour. Scroll through her photos and you’ll see Ms. Tina at an all-white party, Ms. Tina popping bottles of Champagne on a yacht, Ms. Tina at Chanel, Ms. Tina popping more bottles of Champagne at an all-white party on a different yacht. Even when visiting Costco (which she does a lot — she’s still a mom after all), her hair is perfectly coiffed and she looks into the camera with an “I created Beyoncé and Solange — so truly I should be the only one allowed to buy pudding cups in bulk” smirk. If you’re still not convinced that Tina Knowles’ Instagram is one of the best things in this crazy mixed-up world, just look at this photo of the mother of Beyoncé, the grandmother of Blue, apathetically modeling a caftan that she both designed and made. And while it should go without saying, yes, she’s on another yacht.

2. Goldie Hawn

We can learn so much from each other #preciousrelationship

A photo posted by Goldie Hawn (@officialgoldiehawn) on

With the world still reeling from the loss of Brangelina (a split that we are calling BrexPitt 2016), it may be easy to feel that love is a losing game. But one look at Goldie Hawn’s Instagram can soothe that pain and restore your faith both in love and in your ability to look cute with bangs past the age of 40. Even after 30 years of committed courtship, Goldie proudly posts thirst trap photos of her man, Kurt Russell, forcing the world to bear witness to her good fortune. When she’s not reaffirming that love is real, Goldie loves to share the majestic landscapes she witnesses in her travels, regardless of whether her foot is in the shot. The famous funny girl can still make you laugh, particularly when around a pitcher of green juice.

I am grateful today for the sweet scent of the rose. #stopandsmelltheroses

A photo posted by Goldie Hawn (@officialgoldiehawn) on


3. Yolanda Hadid

❤️To feel loved is the greatest gift we can receive........ #Love #MyGirls #MyEverything

A photo posted by YOLANDA (@yolanda.hadid) on

While we love Yolanda Hadid based on her own merits, following The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills alum on Instagram is also incredibly efficient — it’s like having a Google alert out for Gigi, Bella, and Anwar but a lot easier. Plus, you get the additional benefit of Yolanda’s sporadic inspirational musings. (Our favorite: “Treat people as you would like to be treated. Karma’s only a bitch if you are.”) Also the number of times Yolanda uses the hashtag #ProudMommy will have you badgering your own mother for more public displays of affection.

4. Kathy Hilton

Showering the mother-to-be 👶🏼🍼

A photo posted by Kathy Hilton (@kathyhilton) on

Mother of Paris and sister of Kyle and Kim, Kathy Hilton is able to offer a behind-the-scenes look into the off-camera lives of some of reality TV’s biggest stars and her Instagram doesn’t disappoint. But while the initial lure may be the fascinating photos of daughter Nicky’s baby shower (we’ve never seen such ornate pacifier cookies or so many women look so good in white lace), nothing compares to photos of the Hilton matriarch wearing a big hat and brunching. Just like you, Kathy loves to brunch and just like your mom, she loves a meticulously-arranged tablescape. Her gourd-tacular homage to fall gives Martha Stewart a run for her money.

So excited for fall 🍂🍃

A photo posted by Kathy Hilton (@kathyhilton) on

5. Kris Jenner

#TBT #family #love ❤️❤️

A photo posted by Kris Jenner (@krisjenner) on

It should come as no surprise that Kris Jenner is an Instagram maven — you don’t mother Queen of Snapchat Kylie Jenner and professional breaker of the internet Kim Kardashian without picking up some tricks of the trade. The elder Jenner unabashedly supports her children, as a good mother and manager should; every magazine cover, photo spread, or flattering paparazzi shot that features her kids or her kids’ partners or her kids’ kids makes it onto her page. But let’s be real — what followers really want to see are cute videos of North West and #TBT snaps of the family we’ve been trying to keep up with since 2007, and Kris delivers those in spades. The exclusive look into her ridiculous Birkin closet (yes, an entire closet dedicated to her Birkins) isn’t too bad either.

Memories!! #TBT @kourtneykardash @kimkardashian #mygirls #love #family #throwback

A photo posted by Kris Jenner (@krisjenner) on

6. Dennis Graham

It isn’t just the moms who are redefining Instagram goals — Drake’s father’s account is a celebration of all things lit. Dennis Graham’s stately handlebar mustache, penchant for all-white outfits topped off with tight white knit caps, and emoji-and exclamation point-ridden soliloquies dedicated to his son’s greatness will inevitably bring joy to your day. No one loves life like Drake’s father does. Every pic of him posing with a celeb (turns out he loves John Mayer and Iggy Azalea is his girl) and matching his bucket hat to his tank top in the club proves that he knows how to make the most out of the life of luxury.

7. Vilailuck Teigen

My three generations 👵🏼👩🏽👶🏼❤️❤️❤️

A photo posted by Vilailuck ไชยอุดม Teigen (@pepperthai2) on

In her new cookbook Cravings, model-turned-arbiter-of-food-porn Chrissy Teigen credits her Thai mother for introducing her to a whole realm of spice and flavor. In fact, there’s an entire chapter in Cravings called “Thai Mom.” So don’t head to Vilailuck Teigen’s (said Thai mom) Instagram when you’re feeling hungry. In between sharing adorable photos of Chrissy and John Legend’s baby daughter Luna meeting Stevie Wonder (and you thought your picture with a mall Santa was worthy of sharing) and adorable photos of Chrissy’s dogs, Pippa, Penny, and Pooey (we can’t make this up), Vilailuck posts drool-worthy peeks at her homemade dishes like chicken curry and pad thai.

Puppy love! 🙊🐶❤️❤️

A photo posted by Vilailuck ไชยอุดม Teigen (@pepperthai2) on

8. Melanie Griffith

Me and my then blonde Dakota🌹God I love my kids💋💋💋❌⭕️

A photo posted by MELANIE (@melanie_griffith57) on

As aforementioned, everyone gives Britney Spears credit for bringing the average suburban PTA mom’s Facebook aesthetic to Instagram, but Melanie Griffith was the true pioneer, sharing pictures of goddess oracle cards (whatever those are), rock gardens, and Marilyn Monroe for weeks without critical acclaim. Melanie is just like your mom — she finds joy in the same corny memes, she gushes over her kids’ accomplishments, she takes embarrassing photos in a backwards hat. The only difference is that her friends include Eva Longoria and Bill Clinton, and when she talks about her girl crush on Jennifer Lopez, she has a backstage selfie to back it up.

The golden one and me hangin in Aspen😎

A photo posted by MELANIE (@melanie_griffith57) on

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