So, Why Didn't Kristen Doute's Man Carter Dress in Drag in NOLA?

So, Why Didn't Kristen Doute's Man Carter Dress in Drag in NOLA?

We learned the real reason why the #PumpRules pal decided not to don his own Sia wig.

By Rachael Roberts
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The Real Reason Kristen Doute's Boyfriend Didn't Do Drag

The biggest blow from the Vanderpump Rules trip to NOLA wasn't during Tom Sandoval and Kristen Doute's showdown in the alley, and it wasn't even during Tom Schwartz and bride-to-be Katie Maloney-Schwartz's Vegas girl cheating debacle. It was, in fact, a comment made about a wig that cut the deepest. See below:

Did Tom Schwartz Have Sex With a Woman in Vegas?

Indeed, it was Kristen's main squeeze, Brian Carter, who delivered the now infamous, "You grew up to be f***ing Sia," which crossed a line. In T. Sandy's own words, "He's going for the digs." (Let's remember that "Basic bitch" was yelled out several times just minutes before, which apparently, is not a dig.)

But this got us thinking: Why didn't Carter have his own Sia wig and drag it up with the rest of the gang? Lucky for you, The Daily Dish podcast got to the bottom of this mystery when we sat down with the man himself.

It was partly Kristen's fault we didn't get to see this gorgeous bearded man in a dress. He explained to The Daily Dish podcast, "Kristen said she would never have sex with me again." While he was joking, this would be a fair point. We'll give him that one, but that's not all. Carter surmised, "I would have been uglier than Tom Schwartz." While we think Schwartz-y is always beautiful, never forget: 

So perhaps it was vanity that kept Carter wig-less. Plus, it would be a crime to get rid of that beard.

But the real reason Carter didn't pull up those fishnets? To him, it didn't seem like this was Schwartz's bachelor party dream, but Tom Sandoval's. Kristen explained, "You (Carter) considered it. You were like, 'It's funny and if Schwartz really wants me to do it...' but I don't think Schwartz is the one who really wanted it."

Carter further commented, "Sandoval really pushed it. Big time. Because he was obsessed." Tom Sandoval brought not one but two bags full of drag clothes — more than he needed for his own non-drag clothes. Which, we understand, wigs and heels take up a lot of room.

And the Sia diss wasn't the end of that drag feud we saw. Kristen recounted that later that night Tom "was screaming at Carter about how much money he spent on everything...He was like crying." Channeling her former boyfriend, she mimicked, "'Do you know how much money I spend on shoes and this and that and you wouldn't even dress up?!'" No wonder he was so hurt by Carter's comments.

So there you have it, folks. It was actually Tom Sandoval's passion that foiled his own plans for an all-boys drag night in the end. So Shakespearean.

Hear more about all the NOLA shenanigans and hear Kristen talk about Scheana Shay's new man in the full The Daily Dish podcast below: 

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