Are Kyle Cooke and Amanda Batula Still Together?

Are Kyle Cooke and Amanda Batula Still Together?

Find out if this #SummerHouse romance was more than just a summer love.

By Laura Rosenfeld

Thank you, Kyle Cooke and Amanda Batula, for taking us on an emotional roller coaster ride this season of Summer House. Kyle and his ex-girlfriend, Amanda, started the summer off hooking up without being exclusive. Halfway through the season, Kyle decided to take a break from seeing Amanda after she left Montauk.

But that didn't last too long as Kyle decided to invite Amanda out to the house for the final weekend of the summer. Kyle told The Daily Dish prior to the season finale that though he hoped to fly solo this summer, he soon realized that life was just better with Amanda around. "I kind of thought this summer was going to kind of be a moment for me to be free, to be single, and not have any guilt or anything looming over my head," he said. "But in fact, I really enjoyed having Amanda out there. She's friends with everybody in the house prior to the summer. She was a great value add." 

Of course, Amanda's return to Summer House was not free from drama as Kyle had some explaining to do about his, shall we say, extracurricular activities, throughout the season. But by the end of the season finale, Kyle and Amanda decided to move forward and make things official. Or, as Kyle put it during the episode, "Hi, my name is Kyle. Yes, I'm in a relationship with Amanda. Any other questions?"

So does that label still apply to Kyle and Amanda today? Kyle kept it coy with The Daily Dish prior to this season's Summer House finale and said that he and Amanda "are on good terms." Well, it looks like things are even better than that between these two today. Amanda revealed on Twitter Tuesday that she and Kyle are still an item and that we should get ready for "all the nauseating couple pics" that the two have taken over the past six months.


Amanda has already started by posting a photo of herself wearing Kyle's signature mullet wig, along with her man himself. "If this ain't love y'all, I don't know what is," Amanda captioned the fun pic.

If this ain't love y'all, I don't know what is 💕🍪👱🏼 #whatelsekyle #coldfeetcooke #noshirt #nopants #somanyproblems 9.9.16

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Kyle and Amanda also watched the Summer House season finale together, along with Jaclyn Shuman, Cristina Gibson, Lindsay Hubbard, Lauren Wirkus, and Everett Weston.

But every relationship has its naysayers, and Amanda is defending her decision to get back together with Kyle after everyting that went down with him last summer. "[H]e was struggling to balance a startup alone, doing a TV show, maintaining friendships and starting a new relationship," Amanda tweeted. "[H]e 100% took the easy way out by ending things with me, but the heart wants what it wants and he couldn't stay away."


Get an update on another Summer House flirtmance, Carl Radke and Lauren, below.

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