Kyle Richards' Dating Oh-Hell-No's

Kyle Richards' Dating Oh-Hell-No's

Why he -- and you -- should wait.

By Lauren Metz

Looking to man up? Then Kyle Richards has two major don'ts to avoid.

"Sleeping with someone too soon! That's like finito," the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star tells Celebuzz. "I made my husband wait a long time. Also, calling a guy and saying 'Why didn't you call me?' Oh my God I would rather chop my finger off!"

That may be going to extremes, but the Life is Not a Reality Show author stresses, "When you are looking to find your husband, you are looking to fill a job position. This is the most important job in the world to me, this is going to be the man I spend the rest of my life with and who is going to be the father of my children. You gotta get it right!"

(Check out shots of Kyle and hubby Mauricio out on the town.)

And how does she know all this? Well, more than Mauricio, it was the ladies in her life who taught her about men. "I really was raised in a house filled with women," she says. "I had the best education possible. I would sit and lay in bed with my mom, my sisters, my sisters’ friends. They would come in from a date and say, 'This is what I did, this is what I said' and my mom would be like ,'You just blew it! He's never going to call you again'. And she was always right!"

What are Kyle's other love laws? Keep up with all of her advice using our Tweet Tracker.

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