Kyle Richards Guest Stars on 'CSI'

Kyle Richards Guest Stars on 'CSI'

The Beverly Hills Housewife shows off her acting chops once again.

By Mike Hess

Kyle Richards on 'CSI'
Housewives of all stripes are invading network primetime lately. First, NeNe Leakes lands a gig on the hit new NBC sitcom The New Normal, and now Kyle Richards goes back to her acting roots with a guest starring role on the wildly popular CSI.

Kyle's big episode aired last night, and though we're clearly a bit biased, she hasn't lost a bit of her acting chops that she showed off years ago on Little House on the Prairie and other shows and movies. Coincidentally, the episode premiered on Halloween ... and Kyle was in the original Halloween movie! Just a little fun fact for you.

After filming the episode in September, Kyle told The Dish that she loves acting because "it's what I've done all my life and to me it's a lot easier than doing reality television because you get into a character, you remember your lines and you go home and leave it all behind at the end of the day. Reality television, it's your life and you can't walk away from it. You're being exposed and the audience is weighing in on your lives and your relationships with your friends and family."

When we asked what show she'd love to have a guest role on next, Kyle said she wants to get tough. "I really want to play a cop -- I want a badge and a gun. I'd love to do a guest spot on Breaking Bad or Castle. I think Once Upon a Time is a great time. Fun stuff, I like to have fun with characters."

Sadly, we can't embed the CSI video for your pleasure here, but click here to watch the full episode.  

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