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The Daily Dish Ladies of London

Juliet Angus Says There Are "Still Loose Ends" with Some of Her Ladies of London Friends

The #LadiesOfLondon fashionista reveals who she has — and hasn't — kept in touch with since the season ended.

By Laura Rosenfeld
You're Choking Because You're So Full of Bullsh—

Caroline Stanbury may have closed a chapter on her life in London (for now) as this season of Ladies of London came to a close, but Juliet Angus recently told The Daily Dish that she didn't feel like there was closure among this group of friends at that final farewell dinner. "There are things that are still loose ends," Juliet said while looking back on this season of Ladies of London. "There's unfinished things that are just opening up." 

Since this season wrapped, Juliet said that she has remained close with Caroline Stanbury (who she said she sees more now after her Dubai move than when she was living in London), Caroline Fleming, and Sophie Stanbury, all of whom she had seen recently when The Daily Dish caught up with her. "Those three girls are the real deal. The others, I wouldn't trust them as far as I can throw them," Juliet said. "You can call me lots of names, you can say I'm terrible things, you can say I'm annoying, that I make you sick, all these things. But you can't say I'm a bad person. You can't say that I'm a terrible friend."

Juliet similarly called out many of the ladies for their lack of loyalty during Caroline Stanbury's farewell party. She told The Daily Dish that she felt like that support was unfairly missing for Caroline Stanbury throughout the season. "Everyone in this group of women likes to call Caroline Stanbury out for all of the terrible things she is this season, they're forgetting all the great things about her," Juliet defended her friend. "That's what made me so furious with this group of women [at Caroline Stanbury's goodbye dinner]." 

She went on to say that this group could have used a dose of empathy, especially toward Caroline Stanbury. "I think it just got a little dark and everyone got a little selfish and righteous in this group of women and forgot about caring for a second and how hard something like a move must have been for Caroline Stanbury," Juliet explained. "Life is stressful in general for everyone, so whether it's now or in a year or two for someone else, you've got to be there for each other at the time. And yes, Caroline Stanbury can be a pain in the butt, but she's also — and Adela [King] and Sophie would not be able to deny — she's one of the greatest friends a girl could have." 

Juliet put her past drama with Marissa Hermer aside when she acted as a shoulder she could cry on while venting that she might be struggling with postpartum depression during the ladies' Scotland trip because there are some things in life that are just bigger than any feud, the Ladies of London mom said. "As a woman, you're gonna want to be there for someone going through a hard time. You set that aside," Juliet said. "Friends are friends, and life is life." 

Relive Marissa and Juliet's touching moment, below.

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