LeeAnne Locken Makes a Very Shady Comment About The Real Housewives of Dallas Husbands

LeeAnne Locken Makes a Very Shady Comment About The Real Housewives of Dallas Husbands

Brandi Redmond has something to say about it.

By Laura Rosenfeld

Brandi Redmond, Stephanie Hollman, and Cary Deuber didn't hold back about their feelings about LeeAnne Locken during Monday night's Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen. And yes, The Real Housewives of Dallas pal's ears were definitely burning amid all the chatter, as evidenced by her live tweeting of WWHL.


LeeAnne then made an eyebrow-raising comment on Twitter, which Andy Cohen pointed out during the After Show. "At least Rich is LOYAL," LeeAnne tweeted, referring to her boyfriend Rich Emberlin.

It's not clear what LeeAnne was referring to, but nevertheless, Brandi addressed her criticism during the After Show. "LeeAnne, that's an example of you going below the belt and you just trigger things that have nothing to do with you," she said. "And it shows are you really trying, are you really changing, are you making an effort to have a relationship with us, or are you just gonna go below the belt?"Β 

When asked if she thought the comment was directed toward her marriage, Brandi told Andy, "I think it was just something for her to kind of try to stir the pot and get any of us upset about it, because we don't know what she's talking about or who's she's talking about."

All in all, Brandi, Stephanie, and Cary said that being a part of this season of RHOD with their husbands has been a positive experience. "It's much better, I feel like, going into Season 2 because you know what to expect, the husbands know what to expect," Stephanie explained. "So even the bad stuff, it's like you look at it very differently."Β 

That's especially the case for Stephanie and her husband Travis Hollman. "I mean, like, he's super supportive of me, even whenever he feels like I make him the butt of my jokes, he's still like, he's supportive," Stephanie shared. "He's just like, 'Do what you want. Do what makes you happy.'"Β 

Watch Brandi dish more on her drama with LeeAnne, below.

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