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The Daily Dish The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Lisa Rinna on Her Enduring Marriage to Harry Hamlin: "It Takes Some Luck"

The #RHOBH actress also reveals the one thing she won't let her teenage daughters do.

By Jocelyn Vena
Real Thoughts with Real Housewives: Lisa Rinna

Lisa Rinna has never been shy when it comes to expressing her opinion on anything, really. And as 2015 comes to a close, The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills actress is reflecting on another busy year, and doesn't hold back when it comes to opening up about her two-decade-plus relationship with Harry Hamlin or raising two teenage daughters, Amelia and Delilah, in the hustle and bustle of Hollywood. The Daily Dish recently chatted with Lisa, where she revealed the secret to her lasting marriage, her plans for her upcoming talk show, and the one thing she definitely won't allow her daughters to do.

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Since you are still fairly new to the Real Housewives world, how did you approach how you wanted to share your life in your second season?

Lisa Rinna: Honestly and authentically. I don't come into with any preconceived notion at all. And that was the piece of advice that Kyle Richards gave me early on. She said, "The death of you will be if you come in with some persona, something that you want to project... you've got to come in and be an authentic self." So I come in with nothing. I just am me, and I let it unfold. And you have to do that. When I see people that are maybe trying to portray an image, or maybe not being their authentic selves, that plays a role in how the show turns and twists and it's quite fascinating.

You and husband Harry Hamlin are very supportive of each other. Is it important for you two to support each other in all your endeavors?

100 percent, absolutely. We do everything and talk about everything. We've been together now for 23, going on 24 years — that's a long time. And his respect and his opinion means everything to me, and I think vice-versa. And we work together as a team.

What would you say is one of the secrets to keeping your marriage so strong all these years later?

I don't think there's a secret. It's just work. It takes work. It takes communication. It takes some luck [laughs], a lot of mutual respect. I think we got really, really lucky.


What is your favorite thing Harry did for you this year?

He's just really supportive. And my favorite thing that my husband does is he just supports me. I'm not always the easiest person to support, I do some crazy things — I put my foot in my mouth, I get myself into some trouble, and that husband of mine just will support me and hold my hand and pick me up. He's just the most amazing being. I'm so lucky to have somebody who loves me... but he loves me unconditionally [and] the same thing, I love him unconditionally.

If you could book any one person on your upcoming talk show, who would be your dream guest? 

Oh, gosh! That's so hard! There's just too many. I would say everyone from Lady Gaga [to] Jennifer Lawrence, Bradley Cooper, Madonna, Leonardo DiCaprio. People that really are working to get their careers going. [Laughs.] Kanye West, I think would be great to have. John Legend, Chrissy Teigen. I love John Legend [and] Chrissy Teigen; they're my favorite couple on the planet. I want them to come together and I want them to talk about how they make their relationship work. I love her, oh my God!

You have all these projects on your plate and you have these beautiful daughters. How do you balance it all out?

It's not easy. It is and it isn't. I just do it. Obviously, my family comes first. I'm raising two teenage girls at the same time in Los Angeles — I mean, that's enough right there to blow anybody's head off, and yet we're doing it. And I wouldn't want it any other way. I wouldn't change anything. It's all so fantastic. I just feel so blessed, I really do.


Are you worried about them breaking into the industry themselves?

You know, I'm not worried about my girls because I'm really quite strict and they know they have to go to school. They know they have to do well in school. They both really want to model and nobody's interested in acting at this point, but who knows? I'm letting them do what they want to do, but I'm making them do it. I could probably pick up the phone and make some phone calls for them, but I'm not doing that. My daughter, Delilah, is working at the deli and she just got another job herself at a clothing store... and she's getting her own modeling jobs and she's now going to meet with agents. I have done nothing. I have not picked up a phone. I'm making them do it all, 'cause that's what I had to do and I believe that that gives you the passion, and it gives you the drive. I have a feeling they're gonna be doing anything and everything, whatever they choose to do I will support — as long as it's not porn. If it's porn, we're gonna have a problem, OK, that's all!

Check out some more photos of Lisa Rinna and her family, below.

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