Lisa Vanderpump Discusses Son's Adoption

Lisa Vanderpump Discusses Son's Adoption

Beverly Hills Housewife shares concerns about stepping into the spotlight.

By Lauren Metz

Lisa Vanderpump runs a skincare line called Epione, owns swanky restaurants, appears on a reality show, and writes for a magazine, but playing mom is still her top priority.

"People seem to, I think, relate to my passion as a mother," The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star tells about her connection with the show's fans. "I've adopted one child and they found that very touching, that episode."

The British restaurateur's jovial attitude and love of pranks made her a fast Housewife favorite, but initially agreeing to be on the show was a difficult family decision. She didn't worry about people getting the wrong impression of her, though. It was son Max who was the focus of Lisa's concern. 

"I adopted him from foster care and I really had to be on the same page as him in saying, 'It's possible that maybe your birth parents will come forward.' But he's 19 next month, and I just said, 'You ready? Because we're in a public arena and they might recognize us.' But I'm very open about it. If I cry, I cry. If I laugh, I laugh."

Now that both Max and daughter Pandora have left the nest, it's Lisa's four-pound dog Giggy who she's currently raising to continue the family's philanthropic legacy.

"I want him to go to the children's cancer wards, because Giggy doesn't have any hair. He struggles with alopecia — that's why he always wears coats. And I want him to go to the children's cancer ward and say, 'Well, I don't have hair, but look at me.'"

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