Lisa Vanderpump Has a Question for Kim Kardashian

Lisa Vanderpump Has a Question for Kim Kardashian

Actually, she has two.

By Nicki Gostin

We didn't think there was much we didn't know about Lisa Vanderpump, but apparently we were wrong! Lisa revealed quite a few things about herself to HuffPo Celebrity, and the whole thing is vintage Vanderpump -- a little bit naughty and of course very funny.

Lisa admitted that her pet peeves are people being tardy (do you think she could be pals with Kim Z.?) The ex-Dancing with The Stars contestant also says her guiltiest pleasure is nibbling on chocolate, preferably English chocolate and making out with Giggy. You weren’t expecting her to say Ken, were you?

And as for all the crazy rumors flying around, the one that she thinks is the most absurd that there is a sex tape circulating of her and Ken in the throes of passion, which of course led HuffPo to ask Lisa what she would ask Kim Kardashian if the two ever met.

The 51-year-old mother of two replied that she would ask the pregnant reality star why on earth she did a sex tape... and could she possibly have the phone number of the producer so he could orchestrate the sex tape Lisa’s planning on releasing!


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