Lisa Vanderpump is 'Simply Divine'

Lisa Vanderpump is 'Simply Divine'

The RHOBH star's take on entertaining? Nice and easy.

By Colleen Werthmann

Lisa Vanderpump's on the media stroll for her new entertaining tome Simply Divine and shared some party perfecting tips -- and of course Giggy factoids with the Huffington Post.

"I wanted to do a book that was simple yet divine -- that's why it's called Simply Divine," Lisa states. (Good job on the title, then.)

"It's a book that takes the pressure out of entertaining and teaches people they can cook and it can be beautiful. It doesn't all have to be about quail's egg or something."

And she does mean "simple." The Vanderpump doesn't want to be a pageturner. We'll let her explain. "You know what it's like -- you open a cookbook and if you don't understand the recipe, you just turn the page," Lisa admits. "You know I can't be bothered with that. It's just down-to-earth cooking and table settings, that sort of thing."

When it comes to entertaining, the Bravoleb makes sure her dinner parties are drama-free (at least when it comes to the preparations): "Keep it simple. Do as much preparation as you can beforehand, like setting the table the day before. Keep your flowers low, but always have flowers. Go to the flower market, because it's a quarter of the price. Try to make three courses and have two courses already prepared, so you can relax and enjoy them. No broken hearts. No wars are lost by having people over for dinner."

But how could any guest any party at Chez Lisa fail with an adorable Pomeranian flitting about?

Lisa admitted that her pampered pooch has become a celebrity in his own right, saying, "The thing I'm really surprised about is I'll be walking down the street with Giggy and people will scream out, 'Giggy!' Now I'm known as 'The Person Who Carries Giggy.'"

So has her and Ken's obsession with Giggy gone off the rails? "Yes, we absolutely are obsessed. You're right, I own it. But was I too obsessed with my children? Yes and they left me. . .so now I'm overly obsessed with my dogs. But you know what? That's the worst thing I do."

Loving Giggy is definitely not a crime Lisa -- even if he occassionally commits some.

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