Liz Margulies Compares 'Girls' and 'Gallery Girls'

Liz Margulies Compares 'Girls' and 'Gallery Girls'

"Marnie is an accurate portrayal for sure," the art guru determines.

By Lauren Metz

Once upon a time, Charlotte York ruled the fictional New York art world with her well-connected friends and too-tight ponytail. Today it's Girls' Marnie Michaels, whose less-socialite lifestyle is more accurate to the real deal, according to Gallery Girls' Liz Margulies.

"I think that Girls is very realistic. Marnie is an accurate portrayal for sure, because she's not doing crazy, amazing things all the time," Liz spills to Allure about the HBO fan favorite. "Some people think we're going to all these parties. But most days you go to work, you go home, watch T.V., and go to bed. We're working. It's not all glamour."

However, Miami native Liz's personal life treads closer to the Sex and the City side. Her father is gazillionaire Marty Margulies, a renowned art collector, and she confesses to The Huffington Post, "[My brothers and I] used to play on my dad's Noguchi sculpture. He didn't care. They're made out of marble, so there's not much that we could do to them."

But to set the record straight, the days of playing with toys that pricey are long gone. "I get an allowance which is enough for food and bills and my apartment but that's it. No money for trips around the world."

Watch Liz try to make it on her own every Monday at 10/9c on Gallery Girls.
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