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Love It Or Love It: Sonyae Wins Platinum Hit

Sonyae Elise tells us how she feels after winning Platinum Hit.

Love it or hate it -- looks like loved it!

From the first hook challenge, when Sonyae Elise dropped her polarizing chorus behind stunner shades, to the finale when the songwriter belted the bold track “My Religion,” the songwriter churned out hits week after week, until finally Jewel, Kara DioGuardi, Ketih Naftaly, and guest judge Leona Lewis rewarded her with the ultimate win on Platinum Hit.

According to Sonyae, winning the competition was a surprise -- but not a big one.

"I was happy and grateful and surprised but kind of. . .surprised/not surprised," Sonyae admitted, "because I was confident in myself all along."

The confidence was key, even when her fellow songwriters doubted her for not playing an instrument.

"I think that everybody has strengths and weakness, and I think that because I don't play an instrument, I built a strong foundation of lyric and concepts -- and melody as well, because I sing," Sonyae remarked, going on to say that people eventually wised up. "I think that after a while, people saw that. So, it's cool, you know, you could doubt me in the beginning. See what happens."

And happen it did, with Sonyae trumping fellow contestants Scotty Granger and Jes Hudak in the finale with her controversial track “My Religion.” Since the show, the songstress has been keeping busy, recently releasing her latest mixtape "Lady Rebel Vol. 2" as a free download on her website, And Sonyae says the tape was greatly influenced by the competition.

“It taught me a lot, the show,” Sonyae admits. “If you go listen to my first mixtape, and you listen to this one, it's tremendous growth.”

Besides the mixtape, the songstress has been trying to prepare for the impeding rush of post-show excitement.

"What else have I been doing? Shows, recordings, definitely trying to get myself prepared for what happened, and, just recording, trying to come up with one of those classic, timeless albums and establish myself in the music industry," Sonyae paused. "Then go into movies. You know the story. I want to do it all. Be filthy rich and happy and married and. . . happy, when it's all done."

It looks like she's well on her way.

To read more of Sonyae’s post-Platinum Hit thoughts -- including her real feelings about bad boy Nick and tough judge Kara DioGuardi, read our full interview with the songstress.

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