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The Daily Dish Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles

Is Madison Hildebrand Ready to Squash Beefs on Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles?

The #MDLLA vet gets real about his past drama with his fellow West Coast agents.

By Jocelyn Vena
Things Get Ugly This Season on #MDLLA

He's back! Madison Hildebrand will make his full-time return to Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles when Season 9 kicks off on October 6. The Malibu-based agent is ready to mix it up with the West Coast crew once again, after stepping away from the series following Season 6. But, he tells The Daily Dish, that his break was well-deserved.

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"I was in a position where I felt like I really did leave the nest — 'cause you have to remember, I grew up with the show. I was a baby. I was doing real estate six months and then I started filming. And I was 25, 26 years old and I knew nothing," he explained. "I know a little something now and that break was just kind of like, 'Oh, wow, let me see what one career looks like without a camera crew.'"

Madison used his time away to make some big changes in his life, including starting his own real estate agency, Partners Trust Malibu, as well as just learning how to unwind. "I made a lot of transitions in my personal life with focusing on just myself and not having the pressure of television and people," he shared. "The timing and the stars and requests and all that lined up perfectly and I felt that I could handle another season and be who I am today, instead of what I thought I was or should be."

He continued, "[Being on TV] had worn me out from the inside and worn me out on the outside. I just was tired and so I really rejuvenated over the two years. I really spent time just getting to replant myself in mother nature and things that ground me, my family. And focus my career, my business and just really forget about the TV and that shift took about a year until it really got out of my system... I kind of got cheerful and happy and excited and I kind of missed my fans and that interaction and [this season], it just felt like I had something to bring to the table that was different from when I left. It was fresh and I was fresh and I was rejuvenated and I felt excited again to kind of share my life with others."

Sharing his life with viewers means he may have to come face to face with some past adversaries, including Josh Altman and (Madison's former assistant) Heather Altman. As the legend goes, Madison and Heather had a falling out after she began dating Josh Altman and it appeared that the two had bled together their business and romantic relationships.

"I have thought about it because I thought that we might be crossing paths — and we still may — and so, yes, I think that conversation would be very civilized and I would be excited for their marriage," he said. "And, honestly, I look at it at this point: Altman was, at that time, being a big douchebag, defending his girlfriend, which you should do as a boyfriend and you're going to do what she tells you because that's who you believe. And, so, do I feel like he was doing things to me personally and trying to be harmful? No. Do I think he made bad decisions, and did I? Yes. Are we past that? Absolutely. Do I want to be his best friend? F*** no. Do I ever want to call him? Do I ever want to sit down and have coffee with him? No. He's a waste of my time and I don't need to be around people like that. However, I have no animosity and I would wish them both an amazing life, but just get out of my way."

Madison had a slightly softer stance on a potential meet up with Heather. "I would absolutely be open to listening to what she would have to say, if she wanted to really reach out," he said. "I don't know what she would want to say, but, yes, again it's one of those relationships that I don't need to put an effort into it because I'm missing it or there's something lacking. But, if she wanted get something off her chest, I would be open to that."

Speaking of Joshs, Josh Flagg recently revealed he is engaged to his beau, Bobby Boyd. "I just hope he's making decisions with the right head," Madison said. "I just know he has gone through a lot, as we all have seen and witnessed. He and I are friendly and, over the years, we've always been friends, so there's not any issue there. I've not met his partner, so I don't know that either. Falling in love can be tricky and I hope that trickery is not part of that artful craft of love."

Madison and Josh on a vintage episode of WWHL.

While he has yet to cross paths with either Josh, he has been working more and more with British duo James Harris and David Parnes. And he has an interesting take on their high-energy style. "There's only one nut and two squirrels, and it's like, 'Oh my god? Who do I talk to? What's going on here?'" Madison said. "They do [have a different style than I do] and I do respect them both, I just think that my experience has been [different]. There's a lot of personality. We're in a business where, as agents, we're supposed to be taking the personality out of the negotiation and they seem to put that first, which makes it quite annoying."

Until the new season of MDLLA kicks off this fall, check out some throwback photos of Madison, below.

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