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Marcia Clark Says Kris Jenner Was "Very Helpful" During the O.J. Simpson Trial

The prosecutor reveals what it was really like working with the Kardashians during the infamous case.

By Laura Rosenfeld

We may know Kris Jenner as one of the most famous momagers around these days, but more than 20 years ago, she played an integral role in one of the most infamous trials in history, when O.J. Simpson was accused of murdering his ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson. "She was very helpful," prosecutor Marcia Clark said of Kris' involvement in the trial during an interview on Radio Andy's Deep & Shallow with Andy Cohen on Tuesday. "She was the one who kind of marshaled the forces and got the women who knew about him abusing Nicole, witnesses to his abuse, and brought them forward."


Marcia said Kris, who was good friends with Nicole, even had a piece of evidence that could have been vital to the prosecution's argument. "She actually had a statement from Nicole saying, 'I know he's gonna kill me.' And I wanted to put it on. I wanted to put it on a testimony," Marcia told Andy Cohen of what would ultimately not be included because it was considered "hearsay." "Under the circumstances, in order to get a statement like that in there, Nicole would have to be saying, 'He's coming for me! He's coming to kill me now!' It can't just be we're having wine, 'Hey, I know he's going to kill me,' unfortunately." 

But of course, the Kardashian household wasn't solely on the prosecution's side during the trial. Kris' ex-husband Robert Kardashian was good friends with O.J. and served on his defense team.

Marcia in the courtoom during the O.J. trial.

However, Marcia said Robert didn't maintain his confidence in O.J.'s innocence as the trial went on, much like the actor who played him in the recent FX miniseries The People v. O.J. Simpson: American Crime Story, David Schwimmer, portrayed him on screen. "He would never say it to me. He's a pro. But I could see the change. I could see him having more and more trouble as the case wore on, as more evidence came out. I think he started out a true believer. 'My friend couldn't do it,'" Marcia explained. "I could see the shift. I could see the trouble in his eyes. And I think by the end of it he certainly knew." 

All in all, Marcia said she worked well with Robert, which is more than she can say for Judge Lance Ito, under whom she said she had "the most sexist experience I had in a courtroom" during the interview. "It would be Mr. Cochran, Mr. Shapiro, and Marcia. And then, you know, the harshness and the criticism, the way in which he would rebuke me like I was a wayward child," she said of her experience during the trial. "And all of this was really upsetting, not necessarily that I cared about what he thought of me, but that it sends a cue to the jury. If you're being harder on one lawyer than the other, then the jury's gonna wonder why."


At least Marcia had an ally in the then-president of the Los Angeles chapter of the National Organization for Women, Tammy Bruce. She spoke to the judge on Marcia's behalf. After providing video evidence contrasting how he treated the men in the courtroom with how he treated Marcia, the prosecutor said things improved for her... temporarily. "And that actually brought him around for a couple weeks. I got to find out what it was like to be treated like an equal in the courtroom," Marcia told Andy. "Didn't last, but it was nice."

FX wasn't the only place the O.J. trial came up on TV this year. The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills also revisited the case last season. See why, below.

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