Margot Robbie Felt So "Caught Up" Playing Tonya Harding That She Punched Her Co-Star

Margot Robbie Felt So "Caught Up" Playing Tonya Harding That She Punched Her Co-Star

The actress immersed herself into the role of the embattled skater — and tapped into a violent side.

By Tamara Palmer

Margot Robbie is better known for adopting tiny rescue dogs than starting big brawls, but she found that she can be tough while playing an exaggerated version of the infamous ice skater Tonya Harding for the dark comedy I, Tonya.

A first look at Robbie as the former Olympic figure skater from the new film

So tough, she beat the crap out of actor Sebastian Stan, who was playing her abusive then-husband Jeff Gillooly. It wasn't in the script. And in the moment, she kinda forgot who she was.

"We got so carried away that I genuinely forgot that we were on a film set and that I wasn't Tonya and that he wasn't Jeff," she told Sebastian and the audience at the Toronto International Film Festival, as reported by Cinema Blend. "We got into, like a brawl. He slams my hand into the door. And I ended up storming off down the street, which was, like, the end of set, so I was just on the road in the real world."


Robbie's I, Tonya co-star Sebastian Stan

Sebastian had broken character and was trying to get Margot to come back.

"And you were coming after me, screaming, 'Where are you going?' I think you even said, 'Margot,' and I said, 'I'm going to the hospital because you broke my hand!'" she recalled. "And I was so caught up in it and I think I punched you in the side of the head!"

Between playing Tonya Harding and becoming almost unrecognizable as Queen Mary Elizabeth I, she's definitely been getting into her roles of late.

I, Tonya was scooped up for distribution at the Toronto fest and will be given a theatrical release, hopefully in time for Oscar consideration

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